CDC panel to meet on COVID-19 vaccine booster shots

Plus, what to know about “breakthrough” infections and the lambda variant.
2:58 | 07/22/21

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Transcript for CDC panel to meet on COVID-19 vaccine booster shots
To bring in ABC news contributor doctor Todd Eller and now from south sir help for a little bit more on the medical side of all list actor Haller and always great to have you. The US beach volleyball player Taylor crab. Tested positive at the Olympics now he says that he was careful and he was vaccinated. Found Provincetown Massachusetts more than two thirds of at least 132 people who tested positive over the weekend. Are said to be fully vaccinated we heard about some of those Democrats on their way to DC also testing positive. A few baseball players at a tested positive all saying they're fully vaccinated so. How worried should we be about these so called breakthrough infections when you get infected despite being fully vaccinated. And I you know this really is a battle between vaccines and the delta Berrian you know the good vaccines are. Electoral shield but it's only 50% of the country is action at this time we really need need some additional layers of safe to eat like asking in order to kind of increase does it here's the good news even the backseat make some reduced. As banning construction. And they are all shall good. Decreasing the risk of globalization. And send your own past so we know what we have to do to prevent severe. Disease and we just need to do. Now new cases had tripled in the last month in the US California's reporting numbers they haven't seen since the winter surged five months ago so. Are we heading back to mask a man named Terry in lock downs. You know. The answer is we Ari Sheen. And mandates certain parts of the country I don't want to get an optional asked mandate less. Let's face it if you double B or at spiral out of control. You want to cheat our kids in school if we want to keep our business is old and it. Adding stating that extra layer HD. Along with today's show and I due to a small price to paper she opened so it like I do think does she asked. I don't be masking mandate this summer. And the CDC advisory panel is meeting today to discuss the need for corona virus boosters what do you think we'll come from not needing. This is really. Tonight's today is what you get my personal experience. We don't have a lot of people are prospering now but the sickest patients. Really those needle compromised patients haven't responded as well too deep water to dose vaccine. I'm really hoping that the CDC does give a green light allowing it you know compromised patients to get a boost our. You'll still not a whole lot of evidence they are so it's hard to know what they're wanted to spark a general population bottom line is actually is working and it's ending localization. Sort Gretzky. Right decades had Eller and always great to have you thank you. Pick your diet.

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"Plus, what to know about “breakthrough” infections and the lambda variant.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"78998033","title":"CDC panel to meet on COVID-19 vaccine booster shots","url":"/Health/video/cdc-panel-meet-covid-19-vaccine-booster-shots-78998033"}