Cell Phones and Pregnancy: Risk for Mothers-To-Be?

Dr. Max Wiznitzer dispels claims that cell phones can harm unborn babies.
1:17 | 03/15/12

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Transcript for Cell Phones and Pregnancy: Risk for Mothers-To-Be?
There was one study that I know -- that suggest that an association. Between cell phone use and some affects on brain function. But it didn't imply that -- a causal association which means one cause the other -- so many other factors that could be involved. I think of the present time with the information we have available to us. We don't we cannot say that there's any. To read -- -- are bad effect on the fetus. And I think that we. I I think we can't jump to conclusions. And make claims based an animal models that really do not reflect the human condition. It it really is not enough to raise serious concerns in the population. That does not mean that we should not. Always continue to be vigilant and concerned about of a potential environmental factors that could and impact and on our children especially. In the -- when the brain is developing at a at a great rate. But in this case I think that people could sleep comfortably up -- as long as they don't leave the cellphone under the mattress or no posted a fetus while they're sleeping. And only that while they're sleeping. That's basically it has to be I'm talking. And that don't affect hate your belly I'd have to walk around that way in order to have the concern.

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{"id":15929011,"title":"Cell Phones and Pregnancy: Risk for Mothers-To-Be?","duration":"1:17","description":"Dr. Max Wiznitzer dispels claims that cell phones can harm unborn babies.","url":"/Health/video/cell-phones-pregnancy-risk-mothers-15929011","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}