Chicken Pox Parties and Pops

Dr. Alanna Levine on the dangers of trying to avoid having kids vaccinated.
3:42 | 11/14/11

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Transcript for Chicken Pox Parties and Pops
The vast majority of doctors agree that vaccinated children against certain illnesses is the best way to protect them. But -- number of parents who refuse vaccinations for their kids and now there's going as far as buying chicken pox lollipops as a sort of natural vaccination. And through the so called pox parties. Joining us and discuss the dangers of all this has pediatrician and contributor to baby -- dot com Dr. alana. Levine -- doctor Levine thank you so much for joining us I temple we heave that parents are doing this what is the thinking behind having your child live. A chicken pox lolly -- I know it sounds crazy to me -- I -- in. Old school in the old school pre vaccine Arab people used to throw chicken pox parties. If one person in the community had the chicken pox. They knew that everybody was gonna eventually get it so -- and I get it and controlled time when -- family was ready for that all the siblings -- the -- -- at the same time and get -- out of the house. Need a little bit more cents. But now now that we have a vaccine that's safe and effective against preventing chicken -- willingly exposing your child's this virus to meet is -- -- because. What people don't really -- it's not just a mild disease and all children. Essentially get the pox. -- -- they have some fever they miss a couple days of school and then there a day but in the free vaccine -- summer 20150. Children die each year the chicken pox. Q pending a parent who will only exposes or touts of that type -- situation and that's a piece chicken pox lolly -- are right. I think the idea behind them and thankfully those -- -- have been taken down on a good idea behind them was. If there was a child to have the chicken pox he or she would lick this lolly pop and then you could sort of have a -- cyber chickenpox party where you -- distribute these lollipops around. They probably wouldn't have been very effective anyway but the point is is that -- -- apparent when -- do this expose their child to germs restraint Akerson also serious dating -- -- well. You know what's on those lollipops and you know who's sending them I certainly wouldn't as a parent. Ever allow my time I wouldn't allow my child to have opened Halloween candy why would -- allow them to have. A -- that was sent from a stranger aren't -- about the actual. Chicken pox vaccine isn't an effective vaccine. It is an effective vaccine and actually roughly nine of ten children who received both doses of the vaccine. According to the recommended schedule will be immune to chicken pox and actually nearly a 100% of those children. Will be protected from having severe disease so even if you do get a few -- generally it's fewer than fifty and it's a really amounts case. What are the potential risks associated with the inoculation. Well the most common side effects are some mild soreness redness of the -- injection. Sometimes -- -- fever. I'm can also -- a little bit of a rash but -- really minor things when you compare them to the rest of the chicken I had chicken pox as a kid there is no vaccine for -- do parents need all of parents need to -- their kids for chicken -- parents who decide not to. Well my recommendation is for all of my patients and for all children really to be vaccinated against the -- There are some children who are too sick or for some reason cannot get the chicken pox vaccine. -- feel that it's public health responsibility to protect these children as well so I recommend that. Universal chicken -- Vaccine for anyone who's eligible they're dangerous to the whole population for a few parents that decide to abstain that's exactly right and if you have a pregnant woman a grocery store. Who's not immune and you bring your child with -- the grocery storing your child has a chicken -- -- they need now just affected his mother. And her unborn child some really important considerations doctor -- -- would mean thank you so much had the pleasure.

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{"id":14950767,"title":"Chicken Pox Parties and Pops","duration":"3:42","description":"Dr. Alanna Levine on the dangers of trying to avoid having kids vaccinated.","url":"/Health/video/chicken-pox-parties-pops-14950767","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}