Chimp Attack Victim's Amazing Recovery

Charla Nash discusses recovery from 2009 incident with her friend's chimpanzee.
4:43 | 02/28/12

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Transcript for Chimp Attack Victim's Amazing Recovery
Senator. If there is no room and Charlie Nash -- world for self pity. -- -- -- Every day is training day for the 58 year old working with a team -- therapists at this rehabilitation facility outside of Boston. -- -- -- -- -- -- Even in her room on her own she pushes herself every day -- getting better. Kind no matter she is blind Charlie as she likes to be called has a very clear vision what -- your biggest hope for your future. Continue tomorrow I am my own goal line Lee London feel sorry in -- I want to you -- the united. Area -- now. And -- that she needs hands. She's now lost them twice first that horrific attack by a friend's chimpanzee in Stamford Connecticut three years ago. A massive primate named Travis. Also ferociously ripped off the single mothers once beautiful face before he was shot and killed by police why do you think he is survived. I aunt -- felt that I know kinda high island. I don't think they're really good night and I felt unfair thumb dining out lethal Blair and you know -- -- -- in the name Millar and -- are -- them learning yelled help me. Do you ever wish that you weren't here that you hadn't survived. -- Atlanta billionaire it's been a long wrote this was her revealing her pre transplant face on Oprah nine months after the attack. Last spring -- first in the US. Doctors in Boston gave Nash had transplanted donor face and hands they later had to remove the donor hands though after she developed a life threatening circulation problems. Now she has a single -- -- -- -- I feel like I had -- is there. And you. Think well there's nothing that Cutler but well Nash feels phantom hands that growing sensation in her new face is debris. I still think -- -- I don't feel any pain and death. Ruling Lionel. -- and mirror. And you can -- not -- my only nurturing mentoring and you can feel. I've been -- -- -- learning and I think him and -- I can you know. That I'm around lips -- not -- land and -- known in an area. Not yet. Nash says she remembers nothing of the attack but she does -- -- becoming increasingly alarmed by the escalating aggression of the fourteen year old chimp. That her longtime friend Sandra Harold kept in her home -- -- died in 2010. I really not. We may need content on her own -- and bank he would hurt somebody I I never thought of being eight lions here are not alone. And any written and hull -- Herron had packed them lying and I'm the pride in what was their relationship. It couldn't let that take our Burlington. I found her companion. He is a writer now and probably you are not me and -- of -- now. He had. Lion King now in current Iran and in low lying. -- -- dependent flat lying nearing nine Travis slept in the back Ali I'm Aaron think he would -- That was pretty bizarre yeah. -- authorities were well aware of Travis before he mauled Nash but did nothing even after he ran amok in downtown Stamford. -- state employee later -- in this memo it is an accident waiting to happen. Nash is now suing the state -- Connecticut for a 150 million dollars. And a single claims commissioner has the power to decide -- -- lawsuit can go forward he can just say I don't think it should go forward and that's it -- The get a 150 million. Good billion dollars would you trade with Charlotte -- for the situation that she's in -- In her quiet time -- visits with family including her brother and she's devoted to her daughter Rihanna whose twenty and away at college -- ninth who. Iron and she loves listening to books on tape her current novel is great expectations. One -- that kind. And you can now Atlanta there. No regrets no intent. Nash is hoping to get the hand transplant she wants with in the next year. But she of course will -- care for the rest of her life and that's why the decision of the Connecticut claims commissioner is so critical. If he rolls against her lawsuit from going forward she would have to will appeal to the state legislature.

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{"duration":"4:43","description":"Charla Nash discusses recovery from 2009 incident with her friend's chimpanzee.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"15807432","title":"Chimp Attack Victim's Amazing Recovery","url":"/Health/video/chimp-attack-victim-charla-nash-amazing-recovery-15807432"}