Clean Away Germs

Dr. Alanna Levine shares tips on keeping the home germ free.
5:26 | 11/03/11

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Transcript for Clean Away Germs
Cold and flu season is just arriving which means that many of our kids are going to catch and spread germs. So how can you prevent illnesses by cleaning up germs around the house joining us. With some top tips to cleaning disinfecting. And hannitizing all of those Jeremy surfaces around -- His pediatrician doctor -- Levine doctor Levine welcome great to see you great to be your time. The difference between cleaning and disinfecting because I think -- a lot of people. Get confused they expected disinfect everything all the time exactly that's -- ME -- keep. Look like the yellow gloves all around the house and the real issue is for. Food from small little dirt debris those things you can clean you just wipe it away with some soap and water. If -- somebody who's sticking your house if your child is sick or family members say. That's the time we really want to get rid of those terms and you wanted to some facts so that means you want to focus on areas of the house might not normally focus on an airplane like all the door knobs. Handles correct exactly so I like to think of it as there's a time and a place a pace of the time to disinfect. Is when there's somebody -- sick in the house or in the community and the places like you mentioned are the frequently touched places do you want to do that. Door -- the faucet handles. Light -- if you're young kids of plastic toys you wanna be showed up to disinfect nose just to make sure that you're really removing the -- because what cleaning will do. Cleaning will. Wipe them away rights but disinfecting what killed -- there so. You you'll actually reduce the spread of infection by killing -- is there any danger to over using -- hasn't -- and other toxins and needs of compact and you know you want to make sure that you look for EPA registered product right but -- bottom line is again. Right there's a time and hasn't played so every single day you don't have to disinfect your home top to bottom and when you have somebody -- -- your house you don't have to do this. Kirk Healy didn't you know house -- and I have parents come into my office and -- well. You know we had one kid with the flu so I got out that each -- the disinfected and I spent the house top to bottom concentrate on those. Right places of the places that we talked about the places that. Your child has been an areas that are frequently touch you don't have to in between the curtains because your child seats -- -- -- -- born on a more important as in fat and sick child than let's say. The toilets. Right well it depends on what type of illness in as if you have a GI illness you know then obviously you want to make sure that bathroom is really -- and yet anytime anytime -- talent sneezes into their hands and tell him to -- wash their hands in the first and they do they turn. The faucet on -- -- you really want to you know be mindful and Smart about. The way you're keeping -- -- at your -- and what we teach our kids what steps should they be taking to keep. Both themselves. And -- free and from spreading their terms other -- writes a couple things that you can teach your kids who early on the first thing is. To wash their hands and you want to make sure -- washing their hands properly so that's. Warm soapy water water for twenty seconds and some people facing the ABC -- -- make up the song set an egg timer just that they understand that it's not like a quick. Bring out my god I give up my body throughout the that I didn't wash my hands I watch I watch an -- that -- I want the I felt and I -- and didn't do it well let me get so angry because they think I'm challenging him in -- exactly why they're gonna run -- and finally you know people ask me all the time how he would doctor you're -- it's all the time you don't get what I want my hands and I want a little luck. Out of there except it really does -- -- One other thing -- you can teach young child is to cover -- coughs and sneezes so that's not what their hands but it's. It -- yes schools and so at right right as parents if -- a sick child. That child home from school I know nobody wants to miss work but. Really it -- in factions in the deal expect that other people returned the favor and keep their -- column. Lastly it's that annual flu vaccine you really want to make sure. That you know as soon as it's available in your doctor's office that all your children -- -- absolutely may have a question for you about immunity because. There is the school of thought that children need to get sick to build there. Immunity is there some truth. So I'm it as a parent and I never want my kids to be -- right. But I also don't put them in a bubble because I want -- happily dates and go to school and toilet but their -- I don't think germs are gonna hurt them birthday. But acting head you know I want to make sure that when one of them sick that it doesn't take the whole house and so you know that's the time I am. To be mindful of those places to religious and -- But isn't expected in terms does -- -- well -- every time your body comes in contact with something that it regards the sport and -- mountain -- -- -- -- certain things like the chicken Oxford for instance. You have a permanent immune response and your body makes -- memory antibodies -- remember that. You had that and that you know modified -- There's so many different colds and flu -- out there so. Being exposed to one isn't gonna protect you from all of them possibly make -- enough to -- you protect it from happening for everything completely but. If you follow other recommended vaccination -- that's gonna help you can and if you get paid attention to some of things that we talked about it we'll certainly reduce the spread of cancer and -- Carolina Levine thank you so much and supplies are.

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{"duration":"5:26","description":"Dr. Alanna Levine shares tips on keeping the home germ free.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"14876897","title":"Clean Away Germs","url":"/Health/video/clean-germs-14876897"}