Combating Dry Skin

Dr. Neeta Ogden with tips for preventing and treating eczema.
3:58 | 01/31/12

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Transcript for Combating Dry Skin
Dry winter weather can be a nightmare for people with chronic eczema an allergic skin condition in the fact that the 20% of children. The outlook tips on how easy it is allergist doctor -- Angry -- being an. Athlete is eczema and what causes. Them. Is also caught up there and medically. And what his -- chronic skin condition that. People really this dry intensely itchy skin. And it does affect kids more than -- about ten to 20% it's only one to 2% of adults and eventually grow out of it some of them they often do -- this is very much a childhood disease and it is. Getting better and better -- figures on -- to -- into -- you'll see lesson right that's now what the symptoms aside I'm sure itchy skin yet we all have met him dry winters and but his eggs in -- have -- unblinking intent sentenced I once read some describe as we've tonight point 4%. They might have like sandpaper textured to theirs and older kids you'll see patches at -- behind the knees fingers. Younger kids like newborns can have it to use on the east all of the body and he can be really -- because they need to scratch and what happens is that. Ex -- becomes excoriated. Kind of -- and an acting and speaking at different factions on top of their sounds so painful that is what can be especially our children there are some moisture association is -- and -- with the start with the people sometimes think we shouldn't you know overtime and the fact that at this point -- warms up for about ten minutes. When your child gets you want about them tonight pat and -- -- -- and then slapped on -- good moisturizer. And -- -- moisturizer is key Q you won stealing from things that -- -- with fragrance and too many of those all natural extract can actually be more irritating. These days we're recommending. Some which -- with something -- -- which is. Would that help replenish the skin's natural oil these -- -- -- -- now they are over the county and that's a really good thing you know go and look at the ingredient that over the counter products. And against mainly from -- -- -- you know added is that can make things worse. And other other things that we can do in our home to help. Yes absolutely to keep your kids -- cotton. On things -- tolls synthetic materials can be more irritating detergents can be a problem I it was -- in the hall -- Green the year and it's. And using minimal amount of detergent sometimes even on an extra in Saint -- to get all that -- On dust mites are associated with xmas. Getting -- make matters getting in the posters and stuffed animals. Doesn't and you what's hot right now in -- Madison's house and dietary prevention on their vitamins and -- -- Vitamin. Eczema and allergic condition so is linked to. -- Yes there is in about a third of kids there's -- to food allergy. -- gallon a jump on all. Kids and I tonight and for food allergies in -- you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Lake constant chronic xmas day in -- -- at. Those -- you want to think about testing for food allergies. Otherwise he would probably -- makes there's too many false -- and then. -- -- unnecessarily alienated. And that of course terrible Lara think about prescription pad topical. Steroids prescription strength -- -- over the count engagement. And long lasting antihistamines -- 24 hours. Really eases its in the big point also keep their nails. And makes all this wars and need to be secret action doctor needs and thank you so much -- -- me.

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{"duration":"3:58","description":"Dr. Neeta Ogden with tips for preventing and treating eczema.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"15483444","title":"Combating Dry Skin","url":"/Health/video/combating-dry-skin-15483444"}