Can Common Chemicals Hinder Vaccines?

Dr. Schaffner discusses the effects of common compounds on the immune system.
1:35 | 01/24/12

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Transcript for Can Common Chemicals Hinder Vaccines?
KFC's -- coordinated compounds are substances that are used in the manufacture of a variety of different items. And they can't get into the environment and wants and the environment they can get into our bodies. And get into the bloodstream and be transferred. During and after pregnancy. To infants so if we test ourselves we can find Trace traces of these compounds in our bodies. And the new study indicates that it's once these compounds are in our bodies they can. At least in a small population of children. Kind of the -- a little bit the immune response to vaccines. And the question is is this an important issue. It's certainly an important environmental issue -- -- to remind us to do everything we can not to contaminate the environment. But from the point of view of vaccines. It's really not much of an issue. Over the last forty years the concentration of these compounds in the environment has increased. But also in the last forty years the diseases. That were measured tetanus and diphtheria. Have diminished almost to the point of being disappeared. Gone in the United States and that's because of -- -- effect of vaccines. So those vaccines continue to work. They work very well. Parents need to ensure that -- -- children or will vaccinated. And we concern for the environment need to make sure that these compounds are. Not put into the environment going into the future.

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{"id":15433506,"title":"Can Common Chemicals Hinder Vaccines?","duration":"1:35","description":"Dr. Schaffner discusses the effects of common compounds on the immune system.","url":"/Health/video/common-chemicals-hinder-vaccines-15433506","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}