Should We Be Concerned About H3N2?

Dr. Frank Esper says H3N2 is not a pandemic strain and its spread is very limited.
3:00 | 08/06/12

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Transcript for Should We Be Concerned About H3N2?
Visits coming out right now is that there's a new variation. A swine influenza. That's called H street and -- -- -- -- influenza -- doesn't affect people but it actually affects all sorts of different animals around the world around the world. Birds that we talk about the bird -- a lot and the last pandemic that we -- 2000. Nine that was called the Swine Flu because. We felt that it originated in the pig population. But you can get influenza from. From -- cats and dogs and horses and -- even whales. Win one of these viruses these animal viruses happen to transition over to -- limited infectious. Or infections in humans. We call that a variant strain. So this new -- -- and two is actually a pig virus it's a normal pig. Influenza virus but it is now seems to happen -- -- very limited amounts of infections. In humans. And this is something that we've been watching very carefully we're always on the lookout for any possible new pandemic strain or any new virus strain can cause. Sustained infections in people. And so we identified this H three and two variant strain last year last summer around August -- Only been on the lookout for it very closely and what we've seen. It's about thirty cases of people who have been infected with this variant strain of -- -- and two. But the vast majority of these people have had close contact with. Pigs who were sick at the time so it really seems to be -- -- pig to human transmission. But very limited human to human transmission.

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{"id":16941167,"title":"Should We Be Concerned About H3N2? ","duration":"3:00","description":"Dr. Frank Esper says H3N2 is not a pandemic strain and its spread is very limited.","url":"/Health/video/concerned-h3n2-16941167","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}