How to cook with fresh, healthy, seasonal summer ingredients

ABC News' Olivia Smith and Chef Yasmina Ksikes show how to make dishes featuring the best flavors of summer.
26:09 | 06/28/17

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Transcript for How to cook with fresh, healthy, seasonal summer ingredients
Hey every line I'm let the F neck where in Mott the intellect that they're healthy lending efforts spammers theory it. Our First Act as though healthy cooking we have Shaq get neat if he heat here think you so much for having fewer home. Chambers in an. What to look for when you're shopping how to cook something fresh and seasonal but we're focusing on seasonal ingredient. Are you taking readings and why that is important and you have been looking for you birthday that night and your grammar rock out doing it today are cooking and things with the Moroccan and flipped it. Still what it but he did you walk us through it well the plans to use them. And that everybody can do. And I'm this market and be able to. Area not hit submit it and get something we gratefully there something that's fresh and we couldn't wait so something that I had extra. So what I thought we can view it. Spit on crop includes this witness that witness saw him because well. And admirable way it's wonderful people. Would you and I would think this business that I've seen it for it actually isn't getting its use of this Salman. Hit that sleep spotted him there. He's vegetables only to fight against the farm is my hand tactic that shopping at farmers market in the first that. And he said cleaning in advance yet into the farmer's market has fresh seasonal practice that's why. People say it's good to shop act that's right I mean it's nice because he also getting that one on one connection we can and as day. You're getting to know what that violence is coming from and then yeah Europe you know what to shopping list and you like but also have a little. The spontaneous ingredients that you canopy and say you know what this is my list them have one little thing extra money use. In mind you whether it's fresh fare or whether you. Who's deal whether it's salons. Something else that's good suit you know. Chad I I'm. All like that mentality. I don't cooking and teaching can be intimidating especially when people hear healthy news. But I think what he's thinking like this it won't heal battery can mean more edgy and eating seasonal isn't or you know. But sweet Erica I think. Sexy endlessly. B and on and so we can Salomon and we do you can see them because planned to. Eight. The the pain. Ali. Well it definitely. Flattened out well let me. Yes what has that a lot of healthy fat. Excited. Were just. Never used it some wonderful. Organic front seats yet so good for you good fats and we need that fat guys did not cut the facts that the ship is nothing. We might be. Hanging. That you think what so. Oh. Yeah I've never actually done that a bullet I drifted and eat it. It's like yeah yeah yeah yeah that he's the kind. Let's us. Got it and I'm. And it's sickly little change particularly in the shadow. Do crisscross this six and it is actually smaller pieces in and you slightly to talk about and little piece that's yet. The path. Eckerd a lot of credit checks are cut back that is like to go for at port eat here all the I'm half if you did going over it like that. Yeah that's happened to me like standing practice. Iran and that you growing up in Morocco plants he let the market accidentally that allows every day in the morning. My mom and me with all LBC. Where we thought it and it's that. My almost. That he. With what. When it. Happens. It's. It's. Yeah. Anymore. Or. Because you're. You know you're getting. Is right. They don't have those chemicals if it's very one. And no different farmers markets are different somehow different flats to identify what's organic. You could be wearing it answer when he go to murky just ask someone there at Talbots are. I'm also don't need. And it. It's and it. So there is a higher. That. For him. Yeah yeah yet organic way right. Can I help what we're looking at right now how talent really apples. But I'm not end here at. You know none of it he what you want me that people. He wanted. Beautiful color you can tell something. We don't think it's not easy. I'm it's not so they eat right up. There. I'll say it not it doesn't have eaten and organized her aunt that that they have anything to you without action and that. That. It. I. More pay me. Share more. It. Yet they only talked them in the picture it you're not sure what the outcome at a market went Optiem. Hey I'm yes yes pat topping it all and that. And I. Eight. Here. There are apply ice where. Oh right yeah that'll all of Hank and I think it's been. Part. They got an opinion and one off. Here. Is really it for him back to. Write yet when people act. That. It there and back there that's. Watching me that it and but it starting to now we rationally today. We're it it feels like and it cardinal. Made it part human part in light. And it's news. So. Much of this night. Just ripped out her office with. An update. A some men. That's. And why else trying to get wound was not farming is its way back to you. That's looking over raw sweet vegetables that we picked today from the farmer's market presence once confined actually. This beautiful will squash. And we're happy here expect actress it's as colorful and the aces and rotten business segments of the case. And we're doing and we passed the bus routes squash is used Ers are being used you know and house used to finish. And everybody should have their pantry. Because that's. We can actually want to the only way I see through all of the land and ski. And it is important very important. More like it and he absolutely and I say if you don't have. Lemon zest of your lemon. Zest it first. Use all. So this is all the says and it didn't try yeah I hate the new museum of freak accident resulting. Your opinion piece of land and do not act so muscle team food. And you know. And it got us when he faced three months that fear is that our little T think that if it's still fresh that's. I mean it's it's more intense intense life let me. Getting a lot of relax. Which experiments increases madness so. He commitments EU it is actually. Three day. Cecil. Won eleven issues keep it and at least at this time. It's not as his in my teens. That it out of emergency like you're not that's tank yeah brass Sheen isn't actually it's. Yeah see. Yeah. Our authority not I mean yes they. Sell it for you I salute. Absolutely it's okay you can still use I say use you or it's easy excuse to get. It's so you know the day you know and you he. Eight. Get that you inside. Local grocery shops. Access to good works you know. Who has is yeah. Let us through this it looked beautiful. That you wild fish slap on this it's easy in what needs it's thing and it being eaten diseases yeah. So you're gaining. How they'll Kennedy kids grow not six meeting tonight sun. So it's V coach he's you can actually just that lingua fortunate displace its pain and sleep better then we will remove it. Cooking at the same time and animals coming our business and notes that. One unit. It won't speak for us right now. Yeah. And not what do you. That's sick great generation that's right it isn't typical beef salad that we do instead. That's useless. Who uses symbols. It's refreshing it's full of it said. He pulled the ability. To about the anyway yes. The clothes aren't we're at this tonight and that's right. So yeah you more question. It an error. All right. I'm chuck probably. Weeks Alice class CDs. Justice and yes but united. They had done so it takes about twenty minutes steep partner. And on top. As. I'm if people want to you know yeah it's is such a reference certain nations called for only meets certain conditions don't. This is. Treaty was well. Unless you wasted. Top jobs outside Iraq and if you don't 26. Two gave him compost it unity that he wrote. Credit union because I'm away. Its news music. And asked Lansing east. And in any just need I believe because. So our enemies it's good kids. It. Made it. Fits that. And yes. I don't answer you're not it's yeah. Nice little shop that's keeping your. And a shopping united Zulu fuel. Less frustrated. And community. Is so that's my exit the so who is making me. And chop me to eat at cracks pat. Pena crash stay on it smells and crashed it looks really fresh. To collect and now. It could be that. We want more time and then. Little bit you know trying to sleep doesn't get continents and everything. Isn't. And I thought we. It's your ass. How linking Allen and me. You know you simply can't say six minutes sixth seventh inning and in Dallas Sunday humans eat raw. It's not yet. To not work with him but he faces of taxes will last about how out all together. It's a neat yeah. I didn't hear you yeah. Top that you didn't anise and nothing nothing. That he confessed. It's certainly that he. For more done. It disaster. She has about it rate last that. More than he let the yes you're getting all that. Well. I. It's. More than the ones. We. While. We. Mix and. Do you. Seven and an. Openers. Close friends. I had. Well. Patients off. And add salt and went back and you don't need for it. Error to hear it absolutely. It. Here. He. I. It makes it three always passed by. Earth since he. And I test includes hate that he is off my pet. The bottom of the net and then mix this was here all that water. An imminent cut rates in line that popped Texas that is next night we need some water act. Yes no east west. Hiring yeah. Also says it's it. So that he salads is almost ready all it needs is a little bit of Christ in this week but it's. To be yeah saw her. Fresh parsley. Eight years. It's so we can use it didn't hit people's food ice in the that taste is really important to big themselves. Some people like to use more olive will let others do what it feels good to you. Healthy fast the only reason he does that yeah. I'm absolutely. More effective body has more good let me ask you this morning will grace let's shoot. We'll bring you class lets see you seeing snow personalities you know. A little garnish. Ways. His. I also do a simple thing. Yes it's just. And little few blips. And just take. You have finished do you think you. This is actually great hustle to just put an end to wanted to thank them and and we can do smaller and that's what he's seen you. So we use so many great beings and you're getting run counter to his right. He could beautiful. Mind sometimes it's good salads and funny even jewelry. What I. This is my mother beep sound it wouldn't I think. If there in nice summer healthy scratch yes let out yes absolutely. When. It's grainy and even had a little cheap rednecks and you know and Lou retton that they found its. Its. Stands. Christmas is almost ready. It. Always left it was his because. Well that's it for right now it won't. So he doesn't Schuermann middle. A little balls unit. So that includes Kunis does that he's Aaron today baker. These C one and the witness that he and it all together once you. Use it unique and yet wants also is just. Steve yeah. It's it's. All of us do. Absolutely. Yeah or anything. From any. The. Hi I'm frank here. That he Bateman an easy. Apparently I'm in. That's guided Atlantis lost Petr. Two time. Oh. You know I'm saying. I mean he's he's. Yes. Yes herbs. Rotates you know getting the ones you find but you must pass if not asked us to convene immediately obviously there. You know it's unique in. Its l.'s access business. And then you know he's your Lennon's humans. And the arrests seasonal sequence. They. Eat. Well that might not as. Have a disaster. Have one good night and my feeling is he's an opponent. Little theater tonight. You didn't Islamabad. Yes and I and you know put. Using be nice would be weak to them again. Do lo LC so it's nice passing. And it's. London and some pain playing reserving yeah. I think it's really an option if you can't happen when it's brash. It's almost not where cash what. It's been changing decent nutritional you absolutely need to buy it and you know he informants and obstinacy. That's right. An unfamiliar stare. Treatment those curves that I think that's the path attacking someone may not be sent it out. Healthy kids. That act he. Helped the yes. Drops these soups and Ron I think. It's. It's so use. And and it's. Species acts and he using. Snobs might not using that happy. But you can do it sees us yeah huts and after that goes yeah and rules. Thanks rates flatten and that's that he estimates it it is right and humorous. That's laugh. And it smoltz. It might not play. It here op pain adds that thing. Where all your tax. Yes absolutely and so what I do it in. Her critics. Yeah why not that we had a nice feed salad. Very bouncy Moroccan nicely student I didn't possess maybe. And yes. Sodomy and we couscous and vegetables and. Say okay it's I didn't there. We thing you won't. Thought saved. We definitely have an. I'm or. Let's ask where and I feel like I'll let me eat that's okay. You. Very much. Six. Means. Even if you want them being there he is certain things. Theory perhaps since she did not. Well he. So I'm the something damage. Steve. So that. So you. Well it's an arts and you are an artist. Well yeah. And it. Meet an EPR effort. Asthma. Every night healthy grass and heat and into it with me asking him ET on. K yeah into the market where you. New T shirt and a year acts in this yeah and when. What does that make you lied. It also. And we. It La treatments. Always share. He. Martin the EP dot com color digital platforms and healthy living prisoners theories that he got me two in March. I'm.

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{"id":48332161,"title":"How to cook with fresh, healthy, seasonal summer ingredients","duration":"26:09","description":"ABC News' Olivia Smith and Chef Yasmina Ksikes show how to make dishes featuring the best flavors of summer. ","url":"/Health/video/cook-fresh-healthy-seasonal-ingredients-summer-48332161","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}