Cooking in Everyday English Fettoush Salad

Chef Todd English combines spices and keeps his dishes simple.
4:15 | 01/02/12

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Transcript for Cooking in Everyday English Fettoush Salad
I have taught English and I'm here at my food -- -- New York City. Never make a couple recipes out of my cookbook today and I know you're gonna love simple recipes -- really fun. And in my opinion everyday English to really what I want to do is take all these ideas. And incorporate them -- here everyday -- -- about have a great flavors without having all the complexity of cooking and all that complexity of many ingredients. About making into the simple delicious and wonderfully good -- wrong about that today so we get started here first thing. One of my great -- is despite all of that talk. You haven't heard is that cars that -- despite -- comes from North Africa. Israel is where I was first exposed to it despite that we didn't make -- -- quote that huge. I have some nice dried oregano Marcum and time. To time is as -- that is. It would it would be so Mediterranean but if someone is found in the desert in wild. This is -- -- found in the desert it's called cement cement is a red Chile. Of course some news sort of came across -- -- trade and -- grown there sesame -- it was the basis. Heating and all -- great -- these moments and -- munitions and all the great things we're just gonna mix those. Like this. And just a little bit of salt as well -- that's basically. -- Santorum makes its announcement that it is. Beautiful vine ripe tomatoes. That's gorgeous workers -- and red onion and -- persons here on the do. Get our -- -- right and I'm doing is just take these places. We'll look for -- -- with a little bit of olive oil. And what these foods posted and Kristen. When they go in this some seven. Q and so it's just develop a beautiful virgin olive oil. Over the top with that. How to get nice and has -- -- a little bit more salt. And my bachelor's place. That we haven't. About 350 degrees for about ten minutes or so. -- -- -- -- -- Certain of the tomatoes now. Clipping off like talk a lot about this in my book I talk about a lot of this month when I'm cooking classes -- every can buy vegetables on the bar and always do it. That is it is. And I -- and warned that a process. -- workers -- this is. Your typical water efficiency at the stores that they wanted to use ingredients that are available all the time and we're very it's a very -- Wonderful very. There's a lot of different types of workers they're out on the market now but this is the one -- -- most of the time again Washington and have tried this. If you cut -- -- just -- -- -- and development and -- and that. Basically it's gonna cost this. That. Let's cut through the tough. -- -- -- A little bit of that first place in this as well write to my script and it is. -- Allowable. That rate -- is delicious and its own right but. He is the reason. Security. Have some that I -- history. Nice and warm. I don't mind of their -- of the fifth that's good. In the last also -- two years I had a little bit of strategy. Again breaking that up from a -- over the -- We're. Accused out of one of my favorites.

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{"id":15274618,"title":"Cooking in Everyday English Fettoush Salad","duration":"4:15","description":"Chef Todd English combines spices and keeps his dishes simple.","url":"/Health/video/cooking-everyday-english-fettoush-salad-15274618","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}