Coronavirus crisis

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention projects more than 500,000 deaths by Feb. 13 as President Joe Biden announces COVID-19 related executive orders.
4:31 | 01/22/21

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Transcript for Coronavirus crisis
Let's bring ABC news medical contributor and infectious disease specialist doctor Todd Eller and for more on that doctor Alan I wanna gets you president Biden's. Announcement that he just made but I want to touch on Cain as point. Right now it's been a year or. Since his country recorded its first corona virus case what do you think we've learned in that year in how we move forward in a positive way. Hope hi Diana I think we'll. One of the most important things we've learned does the problems would not being. We've not having domestic readiness remember we weren't one of the countries that went through Sar is back in 20022003. Many. We're much more prepared than we were I think the US thought that we were better prepared than we war. I'm just to think that you know in the first four months you at 100000 deaths and now just in this month that she and her. In January we will have 100000 deaths we're really behind. I think we need another pandemic playbook and I think what we heard today. He is the start of a new beginning. So let's talk about that because some of that the by the administration's new efforts just announced include directing FEMA to create vaccines senators. Having the Health and Human Services Department expand the pool of professionals who can administer the vaccine. Having a liaison for each state west about two most. Well I think you just hit. A lot of the points I mean when you think about what capacity. He talked about the defense production act that's very important that may be able to help Hong identify where problems are focused minds on solutions in World War II there were many different companies that may planes cheap success or irrespective of what they were making before. We were taught malicious sticks. I'm he touched upon that with a specific plan hoping FEMA said up hundreds of clinics across the country they're going going to be able to have a staff. And Spacek and supplies to be able to really increase the amount of vaccination. And then trust trust is really important he's hiring doctor noon is meant to try to fight these disinformation campaigns so you really hearing specifics here and I'm I'm optimistic at a time. When we're going through a very very dark period in the history of the US. And and doctor Allan president Biden says it is it's likely to get worse. And one of the things he's trying to do is deep politicize. Him. Asks Wright he's dressed the Wareham himself he's requiring up. A masked man date. On federal property and an interstate travel how much of a difference do you think that might make. If if people just rely heard about it can get a Gregg did the right thing. Exude as secretary you know for those of us from the front why I've seen first hand what masks do these significant. We reduce the huge amount of infection the amount of transmission. This is very important. Again. You know when you talked about politicization. I like what I. And president Biden said about the fact that key public health decisions are going to be made by public health leaders like doctor function instead. Of politicians and he used himself. You know specifically he's not going to be telling us the specifics but he is. He is coping nineteen you know task force team will and I think that's critical. You know G on that note he stressed over all they need and the goal of restoring public trustee setting up health equity. Task force and he says that we the public will be hearing directly from doctor Saatchi how important do you think that is. Two to accomplishing that goal of restoring trust in the process but also just. Getting the country to work together against this virus. Trust is so important Diane. I mean I think one of the biggest problems besides not having the domestic readiness to tackle this virus is really mixed message and mixed message and we didn't have a singular voice. You know in the prior task force we have very talented people but that when we heard that message we also heard mixed messages and often times there was not a singular message we're going to hear singular message is now remember when you're dealing with the pandemic that message is not always correct sometimes we have to check in. Enter justice but you're going to hear something from the experts and that's K. All right Donald Scott Eller and it's always great to have you thank you. T take your guys.

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{"duration":"4:31","description":"The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention projects more than 500,000 deaths by Feb. 13 as President Joe Biden announces COVID-19 related executive orders.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"75415536","title":"Coronavirus crisis","url":"/Health/video/coronavirus-crisis-75415536"}