Coronavirus: 6 months later

As the U.S. hits the grim milestone of 200,000 deaths, ABC News takes a look at the last six months of coronavirus -- how we got here, what went wrong and how it’s still impacting us all.
7:14 | 09/23/20

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Transcript for Coronavirus: 6 months later
That new warning from the CDC about the corona virus here in the US saying it is not a question of if. But when September 20/20 marks a grim milestone for the US. Over six million infections and 200000 piracy. Returning for a quarter of the world's fatalities. It is being compared to Pearl Harbor. US. ABC news looks back at the last six months of life during the corona virus can. How we got this milestone what went wrong and how would still impacting us all. Yeah. In September 20s when he CNN obtained a audio recordings of president trump speaking with journalists Bob Woodward in February and march about what he already knew about the deadly corona virus. Yeah. It goes through Arab that's silly stuff for this production. Is also more deadly that your. Killed here or even years good news blues I wanted to Moly play in I don't like playing it down. Because I don't want or can't panic. Justice flew. This is like a flu many. Genealogy is public health professionals. Were sounding alarm bells and product that was met with resistance from tall and actually fusion. Slid to a patchwork of response. And in line when I say it is we have to become we can't be panicked and before any statement was made you have to remember I put the ban on Jan. So obviously outwardly I said. It's a very serious for we're gonna get through this and you're right now I hope we're rounding the final turn. And a lot of good things are happening with vaccines and with therapeutics. While some countries around the world seemed to us effectively handled the spread of causing an eighteen cases in US has continued to rise. I think not responding forcefully and quickly went a strong. National or federal level response to this can be an epidemic which wanted to be the biggest miss. I would say to get it under control and chronic underfunding of public health is adequate testing and Jackson's leadership are often cited as reasons for how the corona virus became widespread in the US. This system is not really geared to what we need right now what you are asking. That is a failing and failing yet it is a failing to analysts admitted. Since the first cases of the nineteen reported Adam well I'm China's scientific understanding of the novel corona virus hasn't all. The new agency it its science on its theory young. We are learning new beings. Chronic daily weekly or monthly basis we would expect information between Rahm. Now early on the recommendation was not to Wear a mask because of the shortage. Two things happened one. It became clear that we had enough of the equipment it became clear that cloth coverings that you could make yourself. An adequate and probably the most compelling thing is when it became very clear that anywhere from twenty to 45%. People who are infected didn't have any symptoms so everybody should be wearing a mask more than six. Months into the pandemic they're still critical questions that remain unanswered. One point of concern and confusion is scientists' understanding of how the virus affects children. Children do your TV to the street from even adults and and then they're on course of their lives. I'm tends to be much less severe diet is not necessarily consistent across all racial ethnic consistent economic similarly to they don't sneak Jews eat cats and grandchildren remorse hidden in it I Kobe. Action while children represented less than 10% of reported cases over 500000. Kids have tested positive for the corona virus. In an August 14 study the CDC found that one in three children hospitalized with covic nineteen ends up in the icu. The same rate as adults. And for many people the impact has also been on mental health. The percentage of adults reporting symptoms of depression more than tripled during the ongoing krona buyers pandemic. Peaked. Hillary bring a lot more anxiety symptoms and a lot symptoms of depression and just overall elevated level of stress. Currently in the quarter a year ago at this time. With Americans facing record unemployment and long term isolation. Experts worry they're median increase in suicides and stress in another soap. Sometimes. Helps us to act and respond to hear sounds. But when its long term you know overwhelming. If he's become chronic which then has negative. Mental health and physical health packs. A poll conducted in mid July found that 53%. Of adults in the United States. Reported that their mental health have been negatively impacted due to worry and stress over the credit iris. We have inconsistent information on what to expect can definitely kind mean we election coming forward. 62% of voters see the outbreak will be a very important factor in their decision about who to support in the twenties when he presidential election. And with no end in sight for the corona virus outbreak in U acts and many Americans are wondering where do we go from here. As the country braces for a possible second wave of -- nineteen this fall and some experts say the spike in cases may not translate into an equal spike in deaths. You do more we learn about the virus more we know how to properly treat you right to write therapeutics are but you're right protocols are for peace she. It's all alert increases. And that. Self will translate to fewer deaths clearly we have their rising. Vaccine. You know there are many question marks about the facts he. On the on the chance that the vaccine can be available early and doctor algae and doctor so loudly yes they both say that but that's possible even though not probable. We want an extra states are ready to distribute it. Galaxy covad nineteen tracking survey found that even if the vaccine were FDA approved. And available at no cost to the public and 65%. Said they would get the vaccine while 35%. Said they would not. Until we can actually shuts rely on the vaccine is a silver bullet it's. You're if you give the full suite of earth interventions. That we've been doing that until this point that gets us there. Even without a vaccine sticks and began reopening schools and businesses with mixed results. Experts are encouraging people to get the flu vaccine and continue following social distancing measures as we approach the fall season. He didn't much much force for at these numbers can keep hitting. You know 700000. Milestone in the year we don't get or our care and so you know unfortunately this war is over. It doesn't have to be this way. Back half. There's still time. Delores and bitterness at current.

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{"duration":"7:14","description":"As the U.S. hits the grim milestone of 200,000 deaths, ABC News takes a look at the last six months of coronavirus -- how we got here, what went wrong and how it’s still impacting us all.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"73145460","title":"Coronavirus: 6 months later","url":"/Health/video/coronavirus-months-73145460"}