Coronavirus has spread to nearly 30 countries

ABC News’ Ian Pannell joins us live from Yokohama, Japan, following the deaths of two passengers aboard a quarantined cruise ship.
4:53 | 02/21/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Coronavirus has spread to nearly 30 countries
Developments surrounding the corona virus there are confirmed cases in nearly thirty countries and more than 2100. People dead among those fatalities. Two were passengers on that cruise ship in Japan you can see it there live. As we learn more about the conditions on board in the crew's inability to successfully quarantine even as more passengers are being allowed to return home. Meanwhile in South Korea the number of cases there they have spike to as the first virus related death there. As the mayor of the city of millions warning residents to simply stay home. And some good news this evening for 63 Americans who were under quarantine at marine corps air station Mir mark Miramar in San Diego. They were just bust off of the base and are now free to go out to people from their flight are being treated for confirmed cases but we start. With our senior foreign correspondent in panel in Japan with more. Tonight this isolation units in Spokane Washington is used for the first time to camp before patients with Soviet nineteen. The former passengers from the diamond princess taken by ambulance today from Travis Air Force Base. The specialized team that trains and in relative regularity. There are patients in situations just disease becomes as we learn to the first two deaths from the cruise ship a Japanese couple in their greatest who hospitalized days ago. Passengers who tested negative for the bars but never trickling off the ship but no warning from the Japanese Doctor Who slammed his government. Tangling with the quarantine. Crude bodies and backed should be dead for fourteen days. Also will be avoiding. To contact is that the people. What this passengers can't return to the US the two weeks when he left the ship co Goldman thought she was healthy but was hit with a Harley fever. On the family's home we can go for days feeling fine it gets very very very fast. He's having treated for the bars in these bio containment units in Omaha were exposed to so many people are iris not knowing where. Over seven weeks took it nineteen has spread to 29 countries and territories killing more than 2000. And infecting more than 75000. Mostly in China. Tonight's two and a half million residents in one Korean city old it to stay in tools after a woman school authorities called a super spreader infected dozens in Renton church. And in panel joins us now live from Japan he ended with two dead imagine a great deal of scrutiny is on that quarantine effort. Yeah I'm there's been a lot of scrutiny of it anyway not least because some of those passengers who were cleared some of the Americans among some. Would then found two are actually have the virus have questions about the quarantine procedures are being. Carried out all on the ship and also remember the was C Japanese Doctor Who managed to sneak foam bullets he also raised concerns. About when he called the red zones in the green zones in other words whether people who had the bars were being kept separate places a lot of unhappiness the Japanese authorities meanwhile are advising some lays passengers who are now leaving the ship to self quarantine for fourteen days. But it's not obligatory. So it's entirely possible of people passing through the samples here in Tokyo. Could still have the virus and loss of questions unanswered and also concerned. Any and I imagine lots of concern across Asia right now as we're seeing a number of cases spike in certain regions. Yet us tricycle China still remains overwhelmingly the FB cents or whether vast majority of deaths have been. Abu news coming out a career is deeply concerning food for many people that. So we understand is it warm woman he's been described by authorities as being a super spreader. Nice to affects as many as forty people suddenly dozens of people in her row and should stash belongs to particular type of Christiane let's say it's been described as a cult by somebody the way the way that they practice their religion and bulls mauled sitting on the pool in fairly close confines and she seems surpasses bars to a large number of other people. And that Ponce all of South Korea has now been puts on this special. Government management is not clear whether that's a quarantine on all but they're two parts of Korea that done now receiving a lot of special attention. And extra facilities. Essentially with the east South Korean authorities saying look originally we were alert to people coming into the country to Apple's slide days. Now wigand's have to moments it was going on inside the country strong stop the spread of the virus I think many people will which said. That'll though China was the epicenter. As time passed although the numbers started slow down that this would be the risks of that would be a significant outbreak in other countries and that would then starts to spread. And in panel live from a for us from Tokyo our thanks to you Ian.

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{"duration":"4:53","description":"ABC News’ Ian Pannell joins us live from Yokohama, Japan, following the deaths of two passengers aboard a quarantined cruise ship.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"69115578","title":"Coronavirus has spread to nearly 30 countries","url":"/Health/video/coronavirus-spread-30-countries-69115578"}