COVID-19 vaccine provides hope

A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention panel recommends health care workers and nursing home residents receive the vaccine first.
5:43 | 12/02/20

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Transcript for COVID-19 vaccine provides hope
Sure will thanks Maggie now to the latest on the dynamics here in the united is where German actor Todd cholera an infectious disease specialist ABC news contributor. John great to see again and let were seems promising news out of the UK we're still waiting for vaccine approval here. So how far we are we doesn't make a huge difference do you think. Terry were so close right now I mean I can Sheila and job you do know that he FTA we just heard the east and Asia actually gave you know we're almost unanimous vote triggers that share or 18 categories the current priority patients that are gonna get us and on the ten organ here the FDA decide whether or fights against the UH of their vaccine once it does. Those can be distributed and we could be seeing this vaccine in our arms within a couple of weeks I was we don't know for sure but it is exciting look turns right around the corner and hopefully will help millions of people vaccinated. Before the end of the year. It's not you know most people most people not been vaccinated till 2021. So we have to be patient is going to be a lot of people waiting and and trying to figure or we are is my scene it's common and it looks very good. And it really is amazing the speed with which is Hampton beach we've also learned. On Letterman to pandemic the CDC is now updating its guidance on Florentine shortening linked to time recommended to people quarantine after being exposed to Kobe nineteen instead of fourteen days are now talking. About seven days from those who are exposed. Get a negative test and ten days for there are those who are still has been they get no test so. Is that sound scientifically do you think. So he's definitely socialize chuck in what I mean by that is there's a lot of quarantined critique and we're not. Quarantining at all. That is not going to hell so I think what is he sees he's doing is right where there's Ainge if we can. We can shorten that. Quarantined may be more people participating. And followed that guidance we don't want to be the enemy of good remember this in what 90% of people develop symptoms by ten days so that's it you're you're secure quarantine for ten days and daddy's got its most people didn't invent tributary broke actually it's not perfect the CDC is still -- and geo is fourteen days attending his original task should and then if you dual testing negative result ID seven you can come October Ortiz. 11 idea that means you have to remain asymptomatic this is not a bow patients who. Symptoms can. So injury and see how this. Ten innings in the managed. He'll sort of sociological as you say as well as medically and CDC advisors are also making the recommendations now as you were mentioning on who should be first in line for that vaccine health care workers long term. Care facility residents share. There are some schools may get the kids vaccinated what what's your reaction in the way the CDC is approaching you know there's a right groups and target first. These are tough decisions are really happy that we have very Smart people make them I didn't need the right ones for how tier one L and explain this year they call the multiplier effect so you're looking for people better by getting vaccinated they're not just opened an individual but they're helping the community and the country as a whole sort he'd take nursing home residents to make up 6%. Of the pandemic. Didn't make much sport almost 40%. Of deaths so if actually eating under the most vulnerable group also should give the group when they come into the hospital after some of the most complicated patience unleashed a very long periods of tarnished and we know that we're trying to make sure that we don't exceed hospital capacity because we do then. As you know things can to shut down death for example the multiplier effect is seen with health care workers when you can actually gotten you down so you'll allow guns were actually can cure the patients you also allow them to allow us to continue. To needing the public so where's your to do that sort of thing. Well it's a tough decision I think advisory committee does he see me the right one. And now I didn't sound right and another. A decision that made quite escrow Dumars task force base at a briefing this week. A telling governors only that Americans over the age of forty who gather with people outside their household at Thanksgiving are quote me injures to others. They must isolate immediately and that those over the age of 65 should not enter any indoor public spaces where anyone is unmasked. Pretty urgent warnings do. But it was only sent by the White House credit buyers task force to governors should or should this be a public message to this this kind of warning. You know Terri Werner crisis right now we heard she mentioned that earlier she you know dishes we have to do drastic angling to get its message sounds sensible that this 65 and older they're the most vulnerable age group should know the younger under forty guy asked a group that's spreading the virus. That's another point about why it's got to we have to allocate vaccination you mentioned before younger kids we know the younger people are spreading its ideally you'd like to get the vaccines into them as well not your horrible groups they're the ones are really transmitting pistol older more vulnerable people so you know there's a lot going on here I choose and the messages to write one article the governor is or able to disseminate to their respective states. Correct doctor Todd Al aren't always great to have thanks very much. Take your dinner.

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{"duration":"5:43","description":"A Centers for Disease Control and Prevention panel recommends health care workers and nursing home residents receive the vaccine first.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"74513785","title":"COVID-19 vaccine provides hope","url":"/Health/video/covid-19-vaccine-hope-74513785"}