'The Cross in the Closet': From Bigotry to Empathy

Straight Christian man pretends he's gay and writes about his experience.
3:00 | 10/10/12

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Transcript for 'The Cross in the Closet': From Bigotry to Empathy
You know people always ask me where this journey began and the more I thought about it the more realized it was in Sunday school about seven -- eight years old. It was the first time -- learned about -- and the more and I can remember the teacher trying to get the cloth flaming asteroid pieces to stick to the film board depicting sodomy. While she explained that god destroyed these two -- cities these two metropolis is for the sins they were committing. She told us that homosexuality. Was the ultimate abomination causing there. Holy genocide raining down from heaven. And I think that was the moment it started the moment where -- became afraid of the word homosexual. Years of construction after that -- for this ideology and me. As I took these beliefs to a whole new level. -- were the enemy. And -- a medic girl. She was a friend that I had no clue was in the closet. Until she broke down one night outside of karaoke and told me in tears she'd just come out for families have been brutally does sound. She had been ex communicated from her entire life in two words that changed on two simple words I'm -- She confided in me about my reaction wasn't any more loving parents and after we parted ways -- funny thing happened. For the first time in my life I was moved enough to question that little voice inside my head that told me that this precious girl crying on my shoulder. Wasn't abominable scarier bad. Called the holy -- -- -- epiphany but somehow in that moment I knew that my life and my faith had wondered drastically off course. So began to ask myself questions what is that voice inside me if it is in god and what could it be. And in a moment of crystal clear awareness I knew that I was facing something entirely different. It was my very own in our -- city it was religious zealot and a -- its presence inside of me. -- told me that I was better than she us. And I knew I had to get -- them. You know I think the thing that impresses me the most about Jesus -- that he was the ultimate example and he became something he wasn't and walked in our shoes and it was a beautiful act of compassion. After my friend left my mind was racing and the real questions presented themselves. How could I understand even remotely. What was truth and what we're stereotypes. Whatever I did -- have to be drastic. I would have to shock affairs -- myself in the most radical way possible -- I realized that the only thing to do was to understand for myself what effect does too little words would have on my on line. I needed to feel the fear and -- -- the possibility of rejection and need to see what it felt like to live as a modern day second class citizen. So I decided to come out as a game man decided to walk in the she's of the people -- always discriminated against. To see for myself labeled K -- would change my life. We live in a society in a country that claims to be civilized and modern and enlightened but what I found was anything but. This book is about the story of my -- year it's a story about loss but also about profound game. It's a story about a guy that thought he had his life and -- all figured out until something drastic happened that threw everything into question. It's a story about people the people who saved my faith but more importantly the people that saved my life. It's about the moment changed all the moment where the tables were turned and everywhere win. And Jesus and track.

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{"id":17442808,"title":"'The Cross in the Closet': From Bigotry to Empathy","duration":"3:00","description":"Straight Christian man pretends he's gay and writes about his experience. ","url":"/Health/video/cross-closet-bigotry-empathy-17442808","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}