Curing a Holiday Hangover

Dr. Karen Latimer shares tips to help and prevent hangovers.
3:00 | 12/19/11

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Transcript for Curing a Holiday Hangover
Few things will ruin your holiday each year more than a hangover. But with so many parties during the holiday season it can be hard to hold back on this holiday -- Suddenly head off that hang over this holiday season -- joining me about family practitioner and author of the blog yes five dot net Karen Latimer after Latimer thank you so much for being. So at the holiday season were badly drinking a lot of exactly what causes -- hang out for isn't the alcohol. It'd -- -- and eight people say you. You before liquor never sicker and drink in this order and tell the truth -- it's the alcohol alcohol is like -- -- an animal. Poison your -- -- central nervous system altering your bringing chemicals. It causes it fastening your -- make -- indigestion and it causes dehydration. And I think that. So much fun and then I have a quiet that I don't think they'll let. And it the most common symptoms. The next morning what do people usually people usually complain it's -- the team because you're not sleeping well heady because you're dehydrated. Upset stomach and on you because of what alcohol and -- some dizziness some times. Looting it's because you just don't feel well right. Isn't that a more susceptible to getting hangover than others yes -- yes women yes I had a feeling -- picnic and they can't equipment means just really can't because we don't have as -- the water content in their body or -- and usually -- -- weightless but also some people are genetically pre disposed. To not getting Steelers -- yes and I like it back -- at -- I don't know. Am I doing that. The rest of us to prevent is there any adults read drinking rituals that we can we can do and -- aren't you can -- before and luckily fatty foods that work rate. The fatty foods that help absorb the alcohol and -- -- the game plan I think does help -- to during an alcoholic beverage in between. Each of the alcoholic beverages you drink. To stay away from -- -- -- I love my red line but truthfully red line and with -- those darker averages do have things in and that will annual -- not -- record for every month is sticking with. You know -- then the white one. Really that's the First Amendment that that the later alcohol Eid Al calls do you have less canyons and other byproduct of the fermentation product process. That snowed in katic today -- like mine and you're like that. I like that licensed -- dirty martini they don't again Clinton Hedrick Africa and Vietnam. So in terms. Once you had the alcohol and -- -- -- waking up the next morning and you feel terrible. We hear him take after take that. And -- water right that ultimately. Things to -- see -- -- thing about your individual symptoms and try to do the things that will help them so Ibuprofen for a headache. Avoid Tylenol or seven minutes -- because metabolize the liver in the live advising the alcohol -- -- -- it plays and deliver any firm that Ibuprofen. Lots of water Gatorade sugary drinks not diet drinks actually help because you're trying to replace that glucose than. Alcohol prevents the liver from releasing glucose that your body needs to function spot on diet -- -- six sugary drinks patent which will help. Rest. Lots of rest and sometimes just. Getting up and getting out like a cold sometimes you just have to get up get some fresh -- gets and. Exercise and I think swear that the huge place greasy eggs and if it does wonders what is there -- -- There is no I think I hated it only help before and but it and again it's it's an individual thing every one has to do what makes them feel better at a coffee does that help coffee actually parts. Military number one symptom is fatigue and you're not really feeling the other things -- ninth and -- great of course but if you are feeling dehydrated and have -- -- -- its daily from the coffee it's -- -- dehydrated and which the I've got -- you -- -- -- only get it is tomorrow so time is really trying the only tried and true Wright and and that I guess is we get. Older we know ourselves better and better we know what we can think we -- -- how much we can -- that's right. That's right and you -- have some fun it'll go away unique -- always been worrying about not having -- damage -- -- over the not a Collison -- is that now there you can cause permanent damage with too much alcohol and to be responsible and will say if you. Awakened when you feel like you need that actually drink that's something you need to speak with your doctor about of course it was -- -- hair -- -- -- -- eye opener but that is. The teens union consulate in that's what really makes you feel better than that -- -- Right up here. Protect it. They're happy they're packing up doctor -- I think --

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{"id":15189510,"title":"Curing a Holiday Hangover","duration":"3:00","description":"Dr. Karen Latimer shares tips to help and prevent hangovers.","url":"/Health/video/curing-holiday-hangover-15189510","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}