Dangers of Diet Pills

Dr. Fred Pescatore discusses risks and side effects.
4:39 | 11/08/11

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Transcript for Dangers of Diet Pills
With the recent news that a popular diet pill contributed to the death of former all pro football player turned actor above us -- Many -- left wondering about the dangers of diet pills what are the risks and what are the side effects joining us with more -- health nutrition and weight loss expert. Doctor Fred has -- Torre. Doctor -- investigatory thank you so much for joining us today. Thank you avenue so the coroner reports seems to suggest that at least in part by the Smith died because of some diet pills that he was taking things about this particular diet. -- The -- that he was -- something called pension. And Antonin is an appetite -- -- some some it's a class of drug Coleman and erected. So totally stops your appetite. But the problem with someone like Bubba Smith being on it is that he's very large man -- an underlying heart disease. -- heart disease in an enlarged heart his heart was twice the size of my -- So to put someone like that on a medication like that. Plus he overdosed on it right so that was the whole thing he tended to take too much of it right to try to achieve a quicker -- right now but as -- has ever safe to take. Well I mean one can make a debate that it didn't take it has prescribed. That it would be -- to take but. Honestly I don't think those pills really ever are a 100% safe. Because there's always some sort of side effect that you can. And let's not forget that to mean was part of the whole fen Phen thing that would -- the fans. -- right forget that there's some underlying issues to those drugs -- an hour. Are there any diet held out there that are part of that and that might be -- -- -- -- Well there is one -- and I mean there is a brand -- -- -- don't necessarily want to mention -- that there is one that I think. Does work there are some herbal ones that just use Green tea extract. But bottom line I mean if you have hypertension if you had. Diabetes if you've got heart palpitations if you suffer from an anxiety disorder. Anything like that those diet pills are only going to exacerbate those problems right and it can lead to serious serious side effects like death right. -- heart attack. Strokes and -- and those those are not. You don't wanna mess around with Islam is there any reason -- ever not just -- weight loss. From a diet and exercise. Plan I mean can you just lose weight that way. Without a doubt I mean that's that's when I talk about all the time. Is is how you can do this just two healthy diet and exercise consistency I guess with healthy diet and exercise. Is really what it's all about but do Americans want the easy way out they wanted to you know. Can I take something and you know bottom line those -- are probably safe if taken by the right patient population. With a combination of diet and exercise but you're never -- -- get away from -- and exercise. And always you always have to factor that and now -- who would be the ideals let's just say who would be the ideal person can benefit from. A diet pill taken safely to the people I give it to a generally generally women either younger women or younger man. Who have no underlying health conditions they're just stopped. You know the UEC those people all the time -- they severely overweight they're severely overweight or even if they're not severely overweight -- 3040 pounds and they're just stuck. And I usually use -- as a short term and jumped along with diet and exercise and never give it someone doesn't. You know who won't commit to the diet and exercise part. But I use it as a short term quick fix -- sometimes those things really helpful for people to just get them. Off of their bad eating habits because it takes away the appetite. Won't over stimulate use you know get those palpitations as -- keep you up -- -- -- insomnia. And for those people that very -- group of people it works perfectly and it's not effective. No it's not attractive and -- -- your body can get addicted to it if you use it too much. But it's not objective right and of course again repeat the group of people can definitely never used it -- Anyone who's got heart disease and he believes -- history of anxiety sleeping disorders. The list goes on and at over a certain age. I don't know if you can specifically say age because there's some very healthy sixteen -- -- -- would have none of those. Things from just overweight but certainly children tonight I don't know that actually. On how they should. Really start exercising and learning how to eat right arrives as soon as they from the beginning with a clean and it you know obesity if such a big problem in effect -- a -- 13 of all children are overweight -- -- first -- was called teach your kids well -- -- -- I couldn't stand the epidemic right now that we have rights -- so important to get that -- out there thank you so much doctor thank you very much.

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{"duration":"4:39","description":"Dr. Fred Pescatore discusses risks and side effects.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"14909055","title":"Dangers of Diet Pills","url":"/Health/video/dangers-diet-pills-14909055"}