Dealing With Dry Eyes

Dr. Roy Chuck explains causes and treatments for dry eyes.
5:17 | 12/13/11

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Transcript for Dealing With Dry Eyes
With the air turning colder and a lot of a spending a lot more time indoors -- -- experiencing some symptoms associated. With dry eyes in spending a lot more time in front of the computer isn't exactly helping this so -- -- -- dry eyes in something called computer vision syndrome. Is doctor Roy chuck ophthalmologist with the amount of fewer medical center doctor chuck thanks for being with us today thing to -- -- what is dry out. -- dry eyes it is a dysfunction -- the tear film. And -- -- -- tear film and dry everyone thinks it's water what you're tear from is really a mixture of oil and water and you can have a problem with either of those components that results in. That blurry vision that teaching -- the redness. Just the unpleasant feeling throughout the day to tear film tariff is the -- are. It just by -- in my drink -- -- does that solve the problem. Unfortunately doesn't for the most part you need to replace your tears or or try and some of the therapeutics that are out -- available for. Is and the winner time I would assume would be worse because the air is a little bit drier. It's a little bit drier but you're you're also endorsed a lot more and when you're indoors on the heaters are on the humidity is down and -- -- different computers all day most of us unfortunate. -- -- let's get into the fence on the call computer vision -- from what is that because I know a lot of times. Lot of suspending a lot more time in from the computers and returning to squint our vision may be going a little bit but it also may be -- also from this dry eyes well. -- -- you know they couldn't computer vision syndrome is is an entity that's that's woman at this point -- was defined in The New England Journal of Medicine -- and to -- -- -- Malays neck pain and then dry -- The problem we have these days as we again were in front of the computer so so much that's. -- -- drier dryer but we keep on going to the point we can't go anymore. And if in fact -- we don't have many options as well because computers are are part of our lives and a lot of times. Where there 8910 hours -- -- some -- we can't eliminate that part of it. What can we -- -- to treat -- dry night. Or computer visions and. Well you know as far as computer goes even -- we're on -- so many hours a day weekend. Reduce our time on -- if possible but take breaks taking breaks is very important. We can also get smaller computer screens as it turns out we're all into these big computer screens these days and I was -- drop as much and you don't blink is much so if you just. Look down a little bit smaller computer screen we'll do it. You can use artificial tears. There's all kinds of different replacements out there and should ask your eye doctor with what's appropriate for you blood wanted to get our officials here's a second but Smart computer screen message to run counter to what you would think you would think that a large computer screen would reduce the strain on your odd -- of having to focus on something quite so small. Yeah and you know it's it's somewhat counterintuitive but a smaller one especially if you drop it down a little bit lowers here -- -- dropped. The work a little bit better and maybe even possibly trying to incorporate artificial tears as well absolutely and what would that is over the -- is that a prescription. For the most part their over the counter but there's different types of artificial tears because you're -- -- a mixture of oil and water and it depends which component missing. And all these tears even though this fifteen different brands out there each one is a specific formulation. That need to be custom fit to what you need so. Brand aside you're also looking at things did you see a lot of different variations on that something for dry -- from red eyes open for hay fever something is it it can be a little. A -- little intimidating to try to understand what I've just got dry itchy eyes what's the best thing I should get. I'm almost positive at this point it's impossible to tell without looking at specifically so. Really depends on what you deficiency is in meetings with custom fit now one thing I will say is those drops to get the -- out. Those -- are the best thing to take those have chemicals and advocate the -- out. You don't you want to avoid what is it doing when it's actually -- the red out. It's actually constricting blood vessels and the problem is once you stop this -- there's a rebound effect and you become -- -- do you stop drop during that signature that are over time just. Over time if you stop it cold Turkey even using -- for a -- oftentimes the red we'll come back again. Even worse so -- should you try to seek the most natural formula or. Really -- best to go to the doctor try to get something that I asked to go to the doctor because a lot of people are missing the oil component but some -- and you don't want to use the I'd drop that's not gonna do anything for you. -- aside from drops what are some of the other treatments -- people can use to combat computer vision syndrome you know -- there's natural things like vitamins fish oil. Official -- probably stimulate the -- film. You can there's some people who think vitamin C made him do it but just keeping healthy in general. I was certainly help you allotment in terms of your eyes all right and also it's -- tear replacement even tear duct plugs in an extreme case. In extreme cases -- up plugs there. When you when you cry you choke because there is a direct connection between your eyes in your throat in connection plug. That that exit way four. The tears -- down your throat and he's -- minorities that are rare -- -- that -- becoming more common it's it's not so -- it and it's -- it's a pretty steady state level. These days views the treatment for severe dry are anti inflammatory medications. -- -- those have come along turned up clubs -- used a little bit less. But it still controversial exactly what causes -- what's ideology. And until someone figures -- out was to try these different modalities and custom fitted to what your problem its interest in some good tips doctor chuck from one of your medical center thanks for being with us today thank you appreciate --

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{"duration":"5:17","description":"Dr. Roy Chuck explains causes and treatments for dry eyes.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"15148855","title":"Dealing With Dry Eyes","url":"/Health/video/dealing-dry-eyes-15148855"}