Death With Dignity Act

Dr. Peter Goodwin discusses his own death under assisted-suicide act.
4:11 | 03/13/12

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Transcript for Death With Dignity Act
I decided that I need to do something. Active. In order to help community of patients. I wouldn't receive incoming president -- -- -- He -- -- Don't waste your time -- have a hope of changing. The attitudes of the party -- music association mandate and the second time he took a different -- conceded. That we do it all the time. And and we do it without anybody knowing. And my reaction -- -- was. That often without the family knowing enough. Without that patient knowing about the causes who illegal. And so I wanted the patient can control not a doctor. I went down to the meeting and I -- what I had to say. And as night came back to -- chat at at the back -- the whole. I had my eyes to -- the -- -- -- the incoming president. This man for me to. And often of course he went to join the -- you went to the podium. And it would and -- -- -- -- aviation and that the people of Oregon tell us what they want. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And so the senator did what happened then was that -- -- association and association. -- neutral throughout the campaign. And I think that had a huge improvement. On the -- Now. I have -- illness. And there's no treatment for it. As soon as I knew enough about it I decided that sooner or later I would -- -- my physicians. For a six month prognosis. And they have accepted that there was three of them. And so I have a six and -- -- prognosis. And so I have the the education in my position. Or for my -- Know. That I am I'm going to take advantage of the India could -- immediate. And -- who. Regretful but supportive. And so -- Show of their spouses. You know -- interest -- that I have sort of tried to visualize what it would be like. And and to be of the evening sorrowful time I can assure -- I've always accepted the idea. That's if if if push came to -- and if if if I was if I. How to qualify for the northern I would usable.

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{"id":15910268,"title":"Death With Dignity Act","duration":"4:11","description":"Dr. Peter Goodwin discusses his own death under assisted-suicide act.","url":"/Health/video/death-dignity-act-15910268","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}