Debunking Common Weight-Loss Myths

Trainer Chris Powell with tips from his new book "Choose to Lose."
3:48 | 01/06/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Debunking Common Weight-Loss Myths
What better time to get started on new weight loss plan -- the new year but with so much information out there how do you know what's fact what's fiction and what's best for you. Joining me at a -- uncovers some weight loss -- and find out what really works. His trainer from the ABC show extreme make over weight loss edition and author of the new book. Houston and Chris Powell Chris welcome thank you so much for being there -- thank you for having so many people now have made the New Year's resolution of this weight. What's your advice for them to kick start this diet plan. What really to kick start that -- saying I was uses less is more you know -- All too often I run into people did the overreach when it comes to sending their goals and -- let me set goals and just there to. Unattainable. Anything avenue 45 minutes and a couple days and 45 minutes just as a realistic. Scheme that starts small start up from the start with five or ten minutes and it will grow up perhaps you know a wonderful change you can make is just the sort of -- -- right there or -- -- start eating breakfast. I don't all the -- five counts of -- -- of Minnesota answered yeah yeah. And -- and once you make those small changes it'll grow into bigger changes that have transformation begins at once will step at a time and think of -- a lot of myths out there that people. Are holding onto that it's just getting in their way let's go to therapy these -- -- Mickey you say that people believe that all people who are overweight are overweight because they're eating too much. Sharon and and -- granted of course gaining -- it comes from a Kelly surplus of it. If you look at the big picture they are eating too much but. All too often -- -- to individuals are eating too infrequently. Is the problem that's that's one of the biggest things that I mean we run up against because I mean how often do you do you run -- people they say while trying to lose weight but. I don't -- breakfast. -- -- -- now that's our talk about because. -- when you eat you send a signal to your body but when you told to -- you also send a signal to your body to do specific things are the key is kick starting your metabolism. And in order to do that you say we need to eat lots of little meals to keep -- metabolism high absolutely. What we break it up into smaller more frequent meals throughout the Davidson so much easier. To maintain control of your -- that -- and also. It keeps her body -- -- what we call the red zone right it's when meets paints those. Those are uncontrollable cravings when we eat those smaller more frequent meals keep some blood sugar levels stabilize the only -- -- -- creating rights and that's that isn't dealing with how people eat and myths around eating at that starving yourself somehow gonna make in this way it doesn't -- You know what doesn't in fact you know dying and going back to the whole skipping meals they all -- -- -- people skip breakfast because that's -- -- that she was sumo wrestlers do. Thinking that -- -- biscuit breakfast the big meals later in the day sound familiar. Definitely become the American way of life that's right -- get so hungry too much that looks a little bit about. Muscle verses fat because so many people assume that muscle and fat. -- the cinematic picture and then the they don't really discriminate between that the actual tissues of -- -- but if you look at it does basic science -- it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now let's look at the -- of muscle that you have on your body. Now keep in -- also -- -- talking about muscle. And that's really -- metabolism comes from that's its most. Active living tissue on -- body so the more muscle we have the better and that leads to another -- a lot of people have that just allowed Carpio is the key to your weight obstacles and while -- is fantastic and what we're looking for usually a balance of -- -- and resistant strain because. -- -- you can burn a lot of calories in a single bound and exercise chills -- -- right to build the muscle because once -- muscles that the most active living tissue on the body. That's a muscle actually burn more calories over a longer period of time that's what you want Chris thank you so much thank you for having me.

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{"id":15305765,"title":"Debunking Common Weight-Loss Myths","duration":"3:48","description":"Trainer Chris Powell with tips from his new book \"Choose to Lose.\"","url":"/Health/video/debunking-common-weight-loss-myths-trainer-chris-powell-choose-to-lose-health-15305765","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}