The Diabetes Diet

Dr. Donald Hensrud discusses the Mayo Clinic's guide to diabetes.
4:30 | 11/16/11

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Transcript for The Diabetes Diet
The international diabetes federation predicts that one in ten adults could have diabetes by 2030. And in America -- are currently more than 25 million people who suffer from type two diabetes. In addition to 79 million pre diabetic adults. To help Americans cope with this epidemic the Mayo Clinic has created the Mayo Clinic diabetes diet. And joining us with more as the -- medical editor in chief doctor Donald and -- After -- thank you so much for joining us to have to be here so -- pretty alarming. Numbers and you say some Americans are not even aware of the fact. They are alarming. Diabetes is more than doubled over the past two decades in this country and about a fourth of those 25 million people don't even know they have gotten the significance of this is that people with diabetes are at increased risk for heart disease. Kidney disease -- disease and many other conditions and what is to account for this alarming rise in the number of diabetics -- certainly some risk factors we can't control we have a family history your age. But -- has been increasing in this country since the early 1970s. After a period of time the complications of increased -- come out and one of those is the type two diabetes. 7080%. Of people -- diabetes are overweight. And weight -- is the most important controllable factor that people can implement to improve their diabetes or to prevent it from happening. And so this book helps people -- that helps people manage. Their diets as as all of their lifestyles -- that's exactly right. The mail -- diabetes diet was created to help people prevent or control type two diabetes. And it gives them a diet. Plan that as well as something that the whole family can participate and that's right. The principles of the Mayo Clinic diabetes diet can apply to everyone we have the Mayo Clinic healthy weight pyramid which outlines the type of foods that people can -- To help lose weight maintain that weight loss can improve blood glucose control. Now tell us the specifics of how -- diabetics diet differs from those who don't have to worry about it they're actually there -- a lot of similarities as I mentioned weight loss is most important. Now people do need to watch foods that -- increase blood glucose but as long as they're losing weight. Being more physically active eating healthier diet that can both help improve their lights -- and control their diabetes know what about suites can a diabetic man -- -- We don't eliminate any food but people do need to watch the total amount by filling up on health supporting foods there's room for a little -- down. Now when will this kind of a diet help those who are pre diabetic as well absolutely. Of the almost eighty million people have pre diabetes improving their lights out through better physical activity. Through improved dietary habits and most importantly watching their weight losing in maintaining weight loss will help prevent diabetes. And the idea here is that you shouldn't feel like you are. Being that you're sacrificing its should be easy it should be enjoyable and overall delicious weight -- is challenging for everyone what we've done with the Mayo Clinic diabetes diet. Is created a plan that's not only enjoyable but it can help people improve the quality of their life. And improve their diabetes control so not long run doctor what is more important. -- to maintain. A -- or dieting to maintain a healthy blood sugar level they go hand in hand. By losing in maintaining weight people can reduce the risk for many diseases and improve their diabetes control. And -- about the importance of that exercise physical activity is a big part of it. Physical activity will help improve health overall bill helped lose weight. And most importantly help keep that weight -- -- when most important factors that people can implement to keep the weight off. And improve their diabetes control and so while this. The book is targeting. Diabetics and pre diabetics it's certainly something that anyone can pick up and benefit from it really is it's a variant of the Mayo Clinic diet which came out last year. It's divided into two phases. Lose it and live it right lose it is a quick weight loss phase where people make habits in suddenly they change their habits. It's the healthiest way to lose weight quickly there is -- will improve blood glucose control right away. In -- -- people take those habits he turned into permanent lifestyle changes to continue to lose weight and keep their blood glucose control. Until they reach a -- maintain standard healthy weight doctor thank you very much thank you.

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{"id":14967630,"title":"The Diabetes Diet","duration":"4:30","description":"Dr. Donald Hensrud discusses the Mayo Clinic's guide to diabetes.","url":"/Health/video/diabetes-diet-14967630","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}