New Diagnostic Guidelines Compromise Alzheimer's

Dr. Peter Whitehouse says new guidelines make Alzheimer's more confusing.
1:35 | 02/06/12

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Transcript for New Diagnostic Guidelines Compromise Alzheimer's
The old criteria from mild cognitive impairment differentiated. Yet from so called alzheimer's disease. By saying that activities of daily living were relatively preserved erratically entirely -- The new ones use the same kind of language except that you can now have my old problems -- -- things in daily life. And still be considered as having mild cognitive impairment the new diagnostic guidelines. Compromise. And -- more difficult. Diagnosis across the whole spectrum. Including compromising our very conception of what alzheimer's disease areas I think. People were affected by memory loss and other cognitive abilities as -- aid -- that's a common condition. I think what people need to take away from us is that we are a lot. Further away from understanding. What these conditions far. And that these promises that you hear that effective medications and even cures around the corner I'm afraid are exaggerations. But more positively what it says is -- people have more responsibility for their own brain health. This is not a problem to be left up to doctors are -- lots of things people can do. If they have no memory -- little impairment or more severe memory impairment and by that I mean. Exercise and keeping your mind active and staying engaged in community and diet I mean there there are things people can do. And -- the positive side -- this message is the experts are confused but there are things that people can do in their own lives. To help prevent these conditions from coming on getting worse.

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{"id":15526016,"title":"New Diagnostic Guidelines Compromise Alzheimer's","duration":"1:35","description":"Dr. Peter Whitehouse says new guidelines make Alzheimer's more confusing.","url":"/Health/video/diagnostic-guidelines-compromise-alzheimers-15526016","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}