Ditching Sugar

Pilar Guzman shares tips to cut down on sugar.
3:21 | 01/05/12

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Transcript for Ditching Sugar
On average Americans consume a 110. Grams of added sugar per day which is -- more than the twenty grams -- that the USDA recommends. Joining us now -- What we can do to avoid that over consumption -- I collaborate to -- -- happy new hair apnea in new year a lot of people are looking at their diets and thinking you know what. All of the fact that there has got -- it's just not -- -- and you've got some great ideas on how we can still haven't delicious diets and get some access that are out of the way. You brought some beautiful things with you let's with. This little -- Here there Hennessey -- and that there protein rich a lot of Omega threes and Omega six fatty acids and you can add them to suit they have crunch they have great flavor you can add them to serial. So it's an it's a little -- -- can fake a little bit of sweetness and and the texture of it's almost can be -- I Elena reasoning goes along way acting as look -- may have never that we have -- that would attract and of course epic. Old standby classic apples and peanut butter -- which you know all of in my office and he people's slicing them and and eating it the perfect snack because it's been a great combination. Teen. The right kind of fat and then of course the sweetness from the fruit and natural sugar and and the fiber from the Fred and what is important in our -- to try to incorporate little fatter. Since so it that magical combinations that stave off the cravings. And you know it's very lucky because actually delicious on top -- I think that -- Casey Fuller longer and it tastes great. And then -- very interesting the care. Yet it's it's actually cocoa and -- and that they are it's its chocolate. It's essentially chocolate next -- version of your your typical chocolate chip. And we've actually. Created beautiful little snack hear we've. Cut bananas -- -- Put a few coconut halves and then your favorite not matter whether that's almond butter peanut butter with cash you whenever. -- and then you can freeze them and place them perfect that brings back my childhood my mom and it's sliced open and -- yes what are the topics have to commend them. -- -- -- SF right but -- news via. It doesn't create and sell it's -- got that development of curriculum and Arafat and then that the delicious fruits. -- -- the sugar in the -- but far less than mine. And it's natural sugar. Does make a difference exactly what to buy yes. The point here with these beautiful fruits the strawberry is an artist Terry yes and there are frozen so even when they're not at the height of season and get them frozen and they can become a perfect little frozen since coming in wouldn't do -- and resentments that mean exactly Sarah just -- them playing an act of popping out exactly now. If you find yourself -- all the time this summer especially as seen whether it's cool car that's become -- -- and it happens to me. You have any advice on how we -- I think that that's really about boredom. So I think the best advice is to get up and do something. To stand -- easier said than of course but you know I think that he considered distract yourself into the -- -- -- Goodman thank you so much thank him for having me.

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{"duration":"3:21","description":"Pilar Guzman shares tips to cut down on sugar.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"15299267","title":"Ditching Sugar","url":"/Health/video/ditching-sugar-15299267"}