A Look at DNA and Proteins

Dr. David Agus discusses DNA and proteins.
1:56 | 01/16/12

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Transcript for A Look at DNA and Proteins
Think of your favorite rest. Now pretend that you want to figure out the health of that restaurant. If you had a list of all the ingredients that the restaurant has in -- kitchen you might be able to tell some things about it. You can probably tell the difference between a French restaurant and a Chinese restaurant just by the -- -- -- -- He wouldn't necessarily be able to tell the difference between a great restaurant and a rotten rest healthy restaurant and -- -- Human genome it's a lot like you can tell the difference between European and an Asian just by looking at there ingredients lists. You probably can't tell a -- about their general health. You probably can't decipher anything about a lot of things such as their personality intelligence social mores and general habits. And whether they prefer chocolate or Vanilla. Something else to consider. When you're sick. You're still carrying around the same DNA as when you're healthy. Still what does this indicate about defects in the gene. Let's go back to the restaurant analogy for a moment. -- for French restaurant was using margarine instead of barter that might be a problem the fact. Or for restaurant -- a lot of salt you might suspect that it had a predisposition. To use too much salt in its issues another beef. But to really know what was going on. You would need to taste the food. The list of ingredients isn't enough. The quality of the food depends on lots of details of how they get combined processed. On the cook. In the human body this -- Is about how the body processes the DNA through its magical mix of creating. Proteins.

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{"id":15374557,"title":"A Look at DNA and Proteins","duration":"1:56","description":"Dr. David Agus discusses DNA and proteins.","url":"/Health/video/dna-proteins-15374557","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}