Dog Alerts Blood Sugar Changes

Ruby can tell when Faith's blood sugar rises or falls by scent.
2:21 | 10/26/11

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Transcript for Dog Alerts Blood Sugar Changes
I -- be doing a check of what it. Will. Almost three year old fear the prick of the needle. Safe Wilson doesn't herself she knows no different she goes through this -- around thirty times of the day -- type one diabetes and -- Which. By -- site is -- adopt more like -- -- -- -- -- -- -- job is to sense a change in fate sent before her blood sugar levels plummet or skyrocket. He -- at this Springfield. -- mom Sarah. Who used to get up every two hours to test her -- level. And if I wake up and wonder -- -- effort is not marry my act justly condemn others on the case. Now through be able alert -- mom to a problem sometimes up to 45 minutes and man. What's more amazing ruby doesn't even have to be sitting right next -- -- she can be in the next room sometimes even in the next else. There she -- Ready alert and sure enough for the fourth time in one hour. -- blood sugar levels were too high with that mom and ministers insulin using this device connected to an -- on her mind. She wouldn't be validity -- the thanked her life. Without the diabetes friendly foundation of Wilson's couldn't afford -- she cost 101000 dollars. Thirty member states seeing this work -- Reacting. Acknowledging the highs and the lows. It makes your hair stand up I mean really does. They've -- -- eighteen months old making her the youngest diabetic to do sell her case was a test trial one with promise they had never been -- they didn't know. How exactly work out with the baby and -- family extra smells that you know an older child would have would wearing diapers and -- on themselves. It is rare in and his -- so it's something -- still -- -- in its infancy if you will but popular is certainly growing to have. You know a -- like -- Truly priceless. I can pay -- it. What it has met. We're so thankful. Because this dog in more ways than one gives her -- Shelly Slater channeling news.

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{"duration":"2:21","description":"Ruby can tell when Faith's blood sugar rises or falls by scent.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"14822427","title":"Dog Alerts Blood Sugar Changes","url":"/Health/video/dog-alerts-year-olds-mom-blood-sugar-14822427"}