Dr. Fauci addresses federal response to coronavirus

The White House coronavirus task force testified on Capitol Hill Tuesday.
4:35 | 06/23/20

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Transcript for Dr. Fauci addresses federal response to coronavirus
Thank you all for the give me the opportunity to discuss with you today the role of the national institutes of health and research. Addressing Covert nineteen. The approach to the NIH is very similar to what we do with other emerging infections. It's a full pronged approach. First to study. The fundamental knowledge of the virus itself as well as the host response to the virus the second is to help develop diagnostics and assays. The third is to characterize and test therapeutics. And the force is to develop safe and effective vaccines. Speaking of the first fundamental knowledge of the virus and what the viruses capable of doing. We've done a number of studies now that it informed. How we're approaching therapeutics and vaccines for example. Precise molecular structure. Of the spike protein. Which is that part of the virus which actually gives it its name corona virus because of these spikes that stick out from the virus. That is the way the harvest binds to cells in the body. This is been precisely delineated. By NIH scientist and those that we fund. Second the demonstration of the precise receptive. Whereby the virus binds to cells in the body. Allowing it to answer and cause disease. In addition we develop animal models. We do natural history studies such as understanding the virus in different demographic groups. Second is the development of diagnostics analyses. We need and we will get within a reasonable period of time. Based on a major investment in the red X pro T program. Diagnostics. That a point of care simple and precise. Since sensitive and specific. We hope by the end of the fall and into the early winter we will have these for wide distribution. Third the development and characterization of drugs you've all heard the first successful. Randomized placebo controlled trial. Of a drug called Endesa via. Which is used and hospitalized patients with lung disease it showed a statistically significant but modest impact. On decreasing the time to release from the hospital namely faster recovery. In addition this drug is now being used in combination. With another drug that blocks the inflammatory response Paris in a mine. We also looking at a variety of others convalescent plasma harper immune globulin. Of the drugs monoclonal antibodies as well as other immune based therapies. Fought the development of safe and effective vaccines. A hallmark. Of all. Really defining responses. That we have to virus diseases. If you look at the history of viral diseases is generally vaccines that put the nail in the coffin of these types. We are now mounting a major effort in which were collaborating with industry and public private partnerships. To get vaccine trials that have developed. That harmonize with each other. In other words to have multiple trials in which we have a common questions that are being asked common laboratories that are being looked at. Common data and safety monitoring Boyd. And common primary secondary and tertiary and points. So that the data can be compared from one to another. You've probably heard that one of those vaccines and there were more than one there are several that a moving along at various cases. 1 of them will answer phase three study in July. This is one that has already shown in treat them in every studies some very favorable response in the animal models that would developed. It will be others double followed one month to month to be months late. Although you can never guarantee. At all the safety and efficacy of a vaccine. Until you actually tested in the field. We feel cautiously optimistic. Based on the concerted effort. And the fact that we are taking financial risks. Not risks to safety. Not risk to the integrity of the science. But financial risks to be able to be ahead of the game so that when. And I believe it will be win and not if we get favorable candidates with good results. We will be able to make them available to the American public as I said to this committee months ago. Within a year from when we started. Which would put its at the end of this calendar the year and the beginning of 20/20 one.

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{"duration":"4:35","description":"The White House coronavirus task force testified on Capitol Hill Tuesday.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"71406735","title":"Dr. Fauci addresses federal response to coronavirus","url":"/Health/video/dr-fauci-addresses-federal-response-coronavirus-71406735"}