Early Allergy Season

Dr. Cliff Bassett discusses tips for relief from seasonal allergies.
3:28 | 02/14/12

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Transcript for Early Allergy Season
A lot of us are joining and usually mild -- -- tropical like winter that we've been happening but unfortunately. We have to brace ourselves because. Seasonal allergies. Are just run -- corner in fact they -- coming a little bit closer this year. And doctor Clifford Bassett from allergy and asthma -- New York is here to -- but why we need to worry about seasonal allergies this time is the middle of February. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Absolutely OK where were in high gear not practice and we're doing proactive things if you have allergies who want to prevent them -- Bottom line is because of global warming climate change we think earlier allergy seasons. -- lasting longer -- longer time for you to be exposed to those pesky pollen. And that's -- talking about some bibles since -- -- -- -- turning to produce pollen and earlier rate because it's warmer -- that's that we also know carbon dioxide until certain plants typically the ragweed. Produce more pollen and produce more powerful -- Opponents here -- -- we need to change and adapt and learn ways that we can strategize. Basically American college about asthma and immunology. At an allergy and asthma. -- -- -- -- -- Is a very great place to start the final local out just to get test that confirmed indeed do you have allergies or is -- -- -- -- So that's the first thing -- -- have confirmation that that it is analogy it's not some kind of a virus or some kind of infection that's correct all right. Next thing what are the other things that we need to worry about as far as if there's preventative measures that we can take what we do have confirmation that we do about it. You know medications work better as the missile priming you for the symptoms that coal and before you know -- gets completely congested he felt horrible. Nasal sprays -- nasal antihistamines oral antihistamines. Even saline nasal sprays are very important to treat. Just before the sentence Begin again allergy shots a wonderful -- people really suffered they have a greater than 90% of fact in this and knocking down long term. We'll look at long term relief from high drops watching arise during the park during the day. -- for your hair nighttime to get the pollen. Preventing it from going back into bed she -- big sunglasses on and windy days those hot windy days. Our high pollen periods to pay attention to the weather -- some or all of these things when planning activities outside during the season. What -- think drugs are talking about as it is being careful of fresh fruits and vegetables which this time of the year was trying to load up on that because it is very difficult to get your nutrients but we love our fresh fruits and vegetables right Iranian guys here's -- but believe me. About 13 to one half of individuals including myself. Who have seasonal allergies will experience or counties and they'll have -- -- and mouth and throat when he fresh fruits during the spring. Apple -- -- even his all -- and coffee can actually quite an allergy attack. That's a limited Alex -- court oral allergy sentiments -- cross reaction between the pollen. That's in the year since birth to -- on with a -- that your eating. And his cross reaction can really drive you crazy and make -- out -- wars and you may think that the medications aren't working. And the bottom line is it's not just what's in the air that makes you sick of the analogy it may be what you eat as well that's anything good very good -- -- -- -- seasonal allergy as far as creeping up earlier early in the -- -- this is that's going to be here to stay. We're looking according to researchers at two to three weeks early this year and last year last couple decades and the policies and -- the last thing ragweed. Up to. Thirty days longer with a longer season not only here in the United States but throughout the world. We think that may explain what is a global expansion in kids and adults with allergies and asthma. Wow unbelievable artist onset of hypothermia we have to worry about allergies now this time of the year doctor -- thank you so much good advice is always --

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{"id":15603138,"title":"Early Allergy Season","duration":"3:28","description":"Dr. Cliff Bassett discusses tips for relief from seasonal allergies.","url":"/Health/video/early-allergy-season-15603138","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}