Easiest Diets to Follow

U.S. News & World Report releases its top diets of 2012.
3:07 | 01/04/12

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Transcript for Easiest Diets to Follow
US news and world report has released their top -- of 2012 and in the name of all those weight loss resolutions joining us now to discuss the easiest diets to follow -- Lindsay -- editor at US news and world report highlands a great to have you there. Thanks for having me. Sounds Lindsay this category and the easiest diets to follow is the newest addition to the best diets list practically -- that's correct what types of things were taken into account. Sure well first stop no -- it is a cakewalk but in general the winners tended to be flexible failing tasty convenient. And bailout for the occasional indulgence the top performers Weight Watchers and Jenny -- also incorporate. Support components like weekly meetings -- one on one. Sessions with councilors and those are factors that are experts who rated -- diets on this category really valued the pork performers on the other hand tended to be very restrictive. And rules barring -- -- And they tended to cut out entire food groups and very rigid and not have very fun menus and this. They're just your pocket too hard to follow that way -- -- back -- after Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig there was this past a little surprised by that one. Yes slim fast made the list and it's probably largely due to the convenience factor. You've got shakes and meal bars ready to go but you do have some flexibility still -- that additional 500 calorie. -- -- meal that you can prepare on your own so I think our experts like the convenience factor as well as the flexibility. And talk about the Mediterranean and volume metrics diet they tied for fourth place. Well those -- diets are also very flexible eating patterns that in general don't put the -- in a straitjacket they're very easy to follow there. They emphasize fruits and vegetables they encourage some physical activity the biometrics diet for example allows you to eat high volume foods more of those foods. For fewer calories you're eating things like soups and fruits and vegetables that fill you up. For -- -- isn't this kind of allows you to figure out your little personality and and find the diet that best suits that. In some way that was cost effectiveness a factor in these diet. We did not factor cost into the rankings but we do have that information in each diet profile on our website at US news.com back slashed diets and we try to tell people in each diet profile. Whether -- diet is likely to be a budget buster or affordable. And effectiveness we have other rankings -- actually this was just one very narrow way of looking at diets are experts were only looking at ease of compliance when doing this list but we also have diets for -- Best for weight -- best for diabetes best for heart how they judge banked on seven different category. Right and that in the seven lists that US news and world report has compiled. As -- -- are on your website -- so folks can go there to get full details on all of these diets. Lindsay Lyon -- thank you so much for being here today. Thanks for having me.

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{"id":15289539,"title":"Easiest Diets to Follow","duration":"3:07","description":"U.S. News & World Report releases its top diets of 2012.","url":"/Health/video/easiest-diets-follow-15289539","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}