American Doctor With Ebola En Route to Georgia

Dr. Kent Brantly is being flown to the U.S. for treatment in a specialized biocontainment unit.
3:39 | 08/02/14

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Transcript for American Doctor With Ebola En Route to Georgia
-- good morning and I'm Ron Claiborn misses an ABC news digital special report well. Doctors in the US are preparing to treat the first Ebola patients ever in this country two Americans who contracted the disease in Liberia doctor Kent Bradley. And Nancy right bowl work for US missionary groups -- there in with that West African nation they're being. Airlifted one at a time and a specially designed gulfstream jet that is on its way now. -- doctor Bradley on board to dobbins air force base in Georgia a five. Thousand mile journey. At that point they'll be transferred upon arrival to Emory university hospital in Atlanta -- -- just four top level bio containment unit in the entire country. ABC's chief health and medical editor doctor Richard -- -- reported extensively on Ebola and help develop the containment unit that the CDC uses. It's right there outside the hospital in Atlanta where the patient -- with patients -- will be treated rich. What you tell -- about that -- bio containment units one being used for transportation and also to treat these two Americans. You know back in 2007 I was working at the CD CR is in charge of emergency response. We starter project to develop this unit and the reason for that is that that CDC sends disease detectives all over the world. Working on the most dangerous diseases and we had no way to bring them back if they got into trouble so this unit. It's very special it's a roll and roll out kinda units -- for use in this gulfstream plane. And insures that the crew during that flight is not exposed to anything that that a patient may may be carrying. Now -- I've talked to CBC about this in the and they are saying that these precautions are really above and beyond what is necessary for a bowl. Unlike things like the measles or influenza. A bullet is not spread through the air -- spread through close contact with -- would patient's body fluids. But this is extreme precaution because this disease is is untreatable and 60% of the people who -- had that disease in West Africa have died from it. The director of American -- anticipate your answer to this next question -- -- -- a lot of people are wondering Gasol -- nonetheless will bringing. These two Ebola patients into this country. But anyone at the hospital in Atlanta anywhere in the US at any risk at all. That this is -- question I'm hearing from from FaceBook I'm hearing on Twitter I'm hearing it. When I run into people here on the street and and people are very concerned because of how deadly this infection is. And it doesn't spread through the air the risk that I do not -- of the community he only individuals. Who who -- at some risk our health care workers and that's why they're using a unit like this where they've gone through extensive training. In how to use this protective gear how to keep a patient safe and isolated. And so that the feeling of the hospital the feeling. Those caring for this individual is that there is not risk to never the community. Now if someone were to have a problem with their gear and -- to be exposed. They would be put under quarantine which means they would be told to check their temperature twice today during the the pole 21. Days over which this could. Incubator OK doctor Richard -- -- rich thanks very much our thanks to you. And be sure to stay tuned Throughout the day for the all of the latest updates on this story and this evening on world news. Thanks for watching this ABC news digital special report on Ron Claiborn. Enjoy your day.

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{"duration":"3:39","description":"Dr. Kent Brantly is being flown to the U.S. for treatment in a specialized biocontainment unit.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"24819166","title":"American Doctor With Ebola En Route to Georgia","url":"/Health/video/ebola-outbreak-american-doctor-virus-en-route-georgia-24819166"}