Plane Carrying American Ebola Victim Lands in Georgia

The first of the two Americans infected with the virus, Dr. Kent Brantly, has touched down at Dobbins Air Reserve Base.
3:07 | 08/02/14

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Transcript for Plane Carrying American Ebola Victim Lands in Georgia
And good morning I am Ron Claiborne ABC news headquarters in New York where they. -- ABC news digital special report on the arrival of the first patient whose contracted to -- -- Ebola are riding in the US. Arriving in Georgia just a few minutes ago for treatments. One of the two US workers infected -- -- has touched down. At an air force -- dobbins air force base in Marietta Georgia. On -- modified gulfstream plane outfitted with a special bio. Containment system men on board this plane is doctor can't. Brantley a Fort Worth, Texas he in a coworker Nancy white -- Charlotte, North Carolina recently contracted the disease while doing volunteer work for missionary outfit in Liberia. And joining us now from Atlanta doctor Richard -- our health experts. On the arrival of this first patient at Atlanta. A rich what kind of treatment -- we expect after doctor Bradley to be getting once he arrives at Emory university hospital there in Atlanta. Well I I talk to doctor. And and I said what can you do for him here that can't be done in Liberia and it's really supportive care there's no drugs that will kill the virus. There's no vaccines to prevent the illness but supportive care so they can check his vital signs very frequently give him IV fluids if he needs it. Give blood transfusions. They're gonna have a team of very senior staff who -- with him 24/7. To make sure he's getting as much support as possible. And and what he was saying is that is one of the things they can determine whether or not someone survives this disease. And rich there -- only four of these specialized facilities in the US. Why this particular one why was he brought there. And -- how long would you be expected to be there. Well they have experience -- -- -- what do what I was hearing is this is not the first patient. With a -- patient with a potentially deadly disease that they've transported here. They had a patient with something called -- which is not. Which is similar to -- -- and that it's a hemorrhagic fever virus they transported that -- successfully they transported someone who -- with suspected to have stars. And the ambulance they use is actually -- special ambulance that they're able to decontaminate. Once someone has traveled in that it's very different from. Your typical ambulance its -- with it was so much today equipment. Unclear how long he'll be here it depends whether he responds -- body develops and you responses able to to fight this offer. For not okay back -- Richard -- -- reporting from outside the Emory university medical center. Where that first American to arrive for treatment for -- -- A doctor Kent Bradley arrived and an air force base nearby just moments ago an ABC news is monitoring the story and we will be. A throughout today stay tuned to ABC for updates on this story And of course a full report on world news later. On ABC I'm Ron Claiborne reporting from new York -- that --

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{"id":24819499,"title":"Plane Carrying American Ebola Victim Lands in Georgia","duration":"3:07","description":"The first of the two Americans infected with the virus, Dr. Kent Brantly, has touched down at Dobbins Air Reserve Base.","url":"/Health/video/ebola-outbreak-plane-carrying-infected-american-lands-georgia-24819499","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}