Edna Adan: A Woman of Many Firsts

Follow Edna Adan's journey as part of the video event "Half The Sky."
3:00 | 10/01/12

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Transcript for Edna Adan: A Woman of Many Firsts
Who is something that. I have noticed when he could do to -- the hospital the kind of hospital my father -- -- -- to work if you determine. And it's that you -- -- if you can do it. The message we had was there was a pregnant woman. -- -- -- -- And it was just over at -- here. Yeah her name is -- and Don former first lady of Somaliland. First certified nurse midwife and the first person to build a maternal hospital. -- -- there was none she is. Saving women's lives in childbirth and. One of the most destitute that's typical countries in the world and in Somaliland she is training midwives -- across the country. She is running a hospital -- all sisters and then also serves children. And she is doing all these things you really just. By force -- will. -- my favorites -- 54 years it took for Hollywood's. Funniest bit. From nothing from Seattle in 1991. -- was with the UN the -- -- Those are tired insights as we spent my life -- just made an inventory of everything I had. And when I needed when I didn't need them coming to live -- cookies this month and there are no roads -- -- -- -- was in the status. So I just sold everything I had just turned into cold cash. Until at least my kind yes that. -- it has become. -- -- from a -- -- The forceps the instruments that the -- them prove that the construction the tin. There has helped to provide. This far more exciting. Completed in 2002. Today at -- -- university hospital has treated over 4000 patients and delivered. More than 121000 babies -- and -- think she is fine. It seems. And -- -- hoping I'm confident. -- she's dancing. He's brilliant seeds of empowering women by and creating new plants work. Trying to inform women that they -- have choices yes today you -- my students. Today we have -- -- the pilot. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The -- this is having the effect that this pentagon news. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the number of guns won't get into treatment. My goal is to trade 1000. Midwives. To The Who have trained -- throughout the country. When women. And the fat woman -- lives than is one who has been given some trade. And who could prevent complications. And -- understand. Risks than need to be -- that -- second level. Whitman would have of the contents survival. And that's my hope that's my goal she is -- replicating. -- derived her talent her knowledge her enthusiasm. And her ability to save lives. She is about what can she do. Which uses a thousand midwives that on 101000 but the recent -- that is beneath the trade 101000 and more. But -- -- ugly month this will aim for a for a thousand. Because it's doable. This in the hospital this kind of got the stuff. I am -- Young woman should have retired long time ago. This -- used Potomac -- -- of the women who come in one quarter. Of the national average. And at some money and can do -- -- country a country does not political factions. Any I think took -- to. --

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{"id":17367474,"title":"Edna Adan: A Woman of Many Firsts ","duration":"3:00","description":"Follow Edna Adan's journey as part of the video event \"Half The Sky.\"","url":"/Health/video/edna-adan-woman-firsts-17367474","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}