Efficacy of Knee Replacement Implants Questioned

Dr. Wael Barsoum says a U.S. registry comparing implants, would be very helpful.
1:55 | 03/05/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Efficacy of Knee Replacement Implants Questioned
So in terms of looking at the overall efficacy and cost effectiveness of total knee replacement I think there are some things -- we can put to rest. We know the total knee replacement is a very safe operation for the majority of patients and is extremely cost effective. In fact one of the most cost effective operations that's presently available to our patients. It does extremely well. On the order of being compared to open heart surgery total hip replacement and even cataract surgery so what's really at top performer. We also know that if you correctly. Choose patients and -- -- operated on and a safe. -- patients do extremely well we dramatically improve their quality of life. And in fact there's even some data that shows that in the appropriate patient. Total knee replacement can lengthen their lives because there are able to stay active for a longer period of time. I think the real question that we need to ask ourselves is how do some implants compared others. And there is to some degree a lack of true head to head comparisons. In the United States in terms of looking at the efficacy. Of one implant purses and other implant. This has been somewhat solved and some other countries especially if you look at European data. The data out of England in terms of head to head registries where they will look at every implant used in specific country. And track them out over time. We're just starting to do that more and more here in the United States the American academy of orthopedic surgeons has been a leader in this area. I think that these types of registries can be extremely helpful. In serving as an early warning system. In other words if we start seeing -- higher failure rate than one might expect. With one specific implants compared to another that may be a sign that maybe there's an issue with that design and that implant should potentially be taken off the market.

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{"id":15852807,"title":"Efficacy of Knee Replacement Implants Questioned","duration":"1:55","description":"Dr. Wael Barsoum says a U.S. registry comparing implants, would be very helpful.","url":"/Health/video/efficacy-knee-replacement-implants-unknown-15852807","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}