Ellen Goodman on Having 'the Conversation'

ABC's Lana Zak talks with Pulitzer-Prize winning columnist on why families should open up about end-of-life.
3:00 | 08/15/12

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Transcript for Ellen Goodman on Having 'the Conversation'
-- -- It's fair elections actually hear him from. In my case it was a story of my -- end of life. And at the end of her life. I was hit -- a lot of decisions that I had to make it really. Struck me then that I -- making decisions for her but I didn't really know what she wanted. And accurate guess I started to talk to other people at the same experience. And many -- experience pretty -- death of someone I loved. And they had. -- how different would it then if they had not -- the wishes. Of hair mother father. Sisters. What they the wishes of their loved one really had been. He started something called the -- act act we hope to transform the cultural -- From not talking -- -- wishes to talking about that we hope people will tell stories. We hope that they'll sit around the kitchen table and begin to talk about what's important to them. How they -- -- live at the end of their lines. And to talk about it openly. Not finally it's not one conversation it's nanny. To talk about what matters to them not what's the matter with some. And -- start. Something that we hope. Will mean that many more people will die in the way that they which -- I think Brad. A take off point. A tipping point if you will. That conscious come to -- -- something has been hard and suddenly. OK. We can -- And I really do believe. That partially because -- All many of us seeing -- deaths. That we are really ready now. To talk about it and to see if we can't make this CC. Anything benefits the most from happening in the conversation. If as we know everyone is Canada. Then. Everyone who has some more. Humane yet -- more in line with what they which -- benefits. And it's about a friend's benefit. We -- all want to leave. The people we love feeling. Better. Than me often are now. I really think that everybody. Will will benefit from. Talking --

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"ABC's Lana Zak talks with Pulitzer-Prize winning columnist on why families should open up about end-of-life.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"17013523","title":"Ellen Goodman on Having 'the Conversation'","url":"/Health/video/ellen-goodman-conversation-17013523"}