Fall Favorite Fruits

Dr. Wendy Bazilian discusses health benefits of popular fall produce.
5:41 | 11/21/11

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Transcript for Fall Favorite Fruits
New York's famed Guggenheim Museum -- -- some of the most colorful vibrant pieces of artwork in the world. And this time of year when things are a little drab and a little dreary can be tough to get that vibrancy. In our everyday lives one way we can do that despite. Fulton fish this fall fruits and vegetables -- where plates every day and what better place to find out how to do that he's inside the right. In the Guggenheim what's the find out. -- Brazilian author of superffoods RX -- is good to see him. Good to see again thanks for joining me here as well and it's a great place to be yet -- -- -- -- play and what better place like he says you know James Beard design winner of this restaurant last year. And we're gonna talk about how mother nature how to plan -- -- our -- -- okay now another summer is gone -- -- -- really can't bring us through. The cold and flu season with abundance colorful -- on the -- like he -- -- can pay. Beyond that it's apple season right now right -- all things of apples and apples. Are rich in ivory demeanor that they're also making any -- prayers it's. And stunned that -- may help reduce the risk of -- -- once that he showed that eating apples regularly to apple today again after having. I have to 32 for. Cranberries and dried cherries cranberries this is the only time welcoming you're able to get -- -- so we need to stock up and -- them. We know that they reduced to rescind urinary tract infections and they have seen policies antioxidants are -- the charts in these antioxidants. And very low calories a half a cup of cranberries. Has less than thirty calories. Relay but when we're not doing not you know we forget that there are some dry fruits that are available all year round and hurt cherries come in the dried -- And they have powerful antioxidants and vitamin C so they can help protect our heart. And also help their immune system as we get into this season that we know is calling. Pumpkin is -- -- letter a -- -- it's beta carotene in particular thing. And it hits it it's orange -- it is a precursor to vitamin. Critical to Redskins -- and to maintain our -- health and -- gaming system. In fact people who eat more could -- -- rich foods beef oranges and including some of the Green -- we'll get to. I'm actually have shown to have I'm healthier skin. May reduce certain wrinkle mask and can't -- actually isn't the same personal value -- pictures -- -- back. The profits have been in -- pumpkin sometimes -- the -- and it's just a little bit. And it's -- -- one of the highest by the -- the most calories. Wallets -- just harvest that this is the season for Obama and now it allowed them to laugh all -- on. There are a new rate plan basics of Omega three fats good for our hearts and there are also a source naturally traces of melatonin in -- healthy -- -- -- really so these moments help us through. The year round and recent research has also tied them to cognitive benefits that they there's certain antioxidants that may help reduce the aids. I'm driven. Memory lots is that we have -- -- -- Balance and coordination so there's important recent gone on and wallets are really need to incorporate into our diet I'll fall. Cinnamon is high in antioxidants but it tastes good kids and one half teens then that's an amendment -- antioxidants of the half with a pomegranate. Really it's about power up carpal and that's why we need to be enjoying an abundance -- -- in the many many races. Nancy this beautiful tale it is super high. In an antioxidant called the teen and -- and and that gives it its Green color and the -- of lifting of the advancing can help protect the eyes it's also really high -- vitamin -- would help -- -- -- And how people it cuts the wound healing as well. What do we want to incorporate some of these vegetables and fruits and other ingredients into something that we can either bring over -- -- -- Just take on the -- yes absolutely sweater and -- show you is my pumpkin Lama cinnamon muffins I think you just start with a couple of all purpose flour and really easy. To which we're gonna add one cup of -- -- -- -- A couple pumpkins. It's about a quarter cup Obama -- -- not it's just what people for the -- in the entire recipe one day Monday. I'm and then we have. One half teaspoon of baking soda and one teaspoon of baking powder -- in -- -- put in the butter and lemon I'll let you put in that quarter teaspoon Nutmeg and here is nice half teaspoon of cinnamon that any -- there it's. The only other ingredient -- just for the little pinch of salt Salt Lake baking that is just a little -- -- who -- -- with a look -- can help. And one container. Plain yogurt. He just give it a start this is really easy with my muffins you don't want to -- -- city just given us sir you make a nice -- this good. Actually so balancing nutrition so good for the fall. That you could have for breakfast you can take it -- snack. He gets to show up to par it's yet that -- image that's beautiful and how long -- you -- -- -- before -- at 350 in the oven for about twenty minutes and you just want to make -- the team that comes out. Brian you've got a perfect. Enough in Oklahoma that's great into the great we obviously from corporate allotments. Nutritious fruits and vegetables and toward life. At some color -- -- to. I'm normally drab at a time yeah.

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{"id":15003321,"title":"Fall Favorite Fruits","duration":"5:41","description":"Dr. Wendy Bazilian discusses health benefits of popular fall produce.","url":"/Health/video/fall-favorite-fruits-15003321","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}