The Fallacy of Fresh

Dr. David Agus discusses the hidden dangers in local markets.
1:34 | 01/16/12

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Transcript for The Fallacy of Fresh
Don't ask for asparagus -- -- Most of us into the grocery store with an idea of what we want to -- We may even bring a list. The American diet has evolved to cater to our daily cravings. Many of us can't entertain the idea of shopping on a -- because that would take to -- and be an exasperating exercise in indecision. But what if you ask one simple question. One fruits and vegetables just came in today. If it's asparagus. And you're in luck if that's what you hopeful. The answer to that single -- can result in you were getting the biggest bang for your caloric -- in the produce section. You'll get your hands on the most nutrient dense fruits and vegetables available. Of course you could do even better by visiting your local farmer's market for the latest -- But if you find yourself in -- chain supermarket. This question can be instructive and currency. If nothing looks good and nothing came in recently. Then head on over to the frozen section and opt for a package of fresh frozen. Yes it's better than the stuff that's been sitting out for days. After no less than a day or so traveling in a truck to reach the -- market. Fresh produce. Is actually not as brash as we'd like to belief. -- are led to believe.

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{"id":15374455,"title":"The Fallacy of Fresh","duration":"1:34","description":"Dr. David Agus discusses the hidden dangers in local markets.","url":"/Health/video/fallacy-fresh-15374455","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}