Family Struggles With Medical Bills After Son's Accident

Insurance provider's error left California mom paying out-of-pocket for her son's emergency surgery.
2:31 | 01/24/13

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Transcript for Family Struggles With Medical Bills After Son's Accident
Look at Gonzales stretches out -- play in an effort to strengthen his reattached finger. It was just five months ago summertime play turned in two tranche. I mean -- toys and a large. As I opened it -- -- of me and grabbed it and -- and and then put my hand like this the door closed you've asked. And next thing I knew I looked up and they -- I think it was around. But -- -- has resumed normal activity. His father is a paramedic he quickly stop the bleeding -- -- mother to put a finger on -- into rushed him to mills peninsula medical center as -- terrified mom looked. Certainly I think thoughtful and then. They were able to somewhat reattach it I love this thing there. And I lost -- here. Then came the hard part. The rehabilitation. And dealing with a mix up with the medical bills. The family's health plan Health Net. Refused to cover the medical expenses -- -- the insurance company said the Doctor Who performed the surgery was out of network. It was an emergency to my child that was an emergency that was just not a broken bone are broken ankle this with a severed finger. To an eleven year old child. And at no time did anybody ever discuss this with us. The doctor began building a family directly over 101000. Dollars in medical expenses. Linda Lou is with health access a patient advocacy group. But this is definitely not an uncommon practice this is something that we've heard of many times she says that's because doctors and insurance companies disagree over compensation. The problem. Needed to be worked out between the insurance company the doctor. And and the provider should not have immediately -- to consumer to try to fill them. Irene made calls to everyone involved but got no answers she ended up making payments to the doctor because she didn't want her credit her. She then called seven on -- -- Health Net told -- what they thought was an out of network treatment was actually a paperwork stamp photo. What happened was armed services came through and were coded -- outpatient. Instead of emergency. That left turn not fully covered but I green has since received a check reimbursing -- for -- 600 dollars in payments made to the doctor. Thank you channel seven fry your health and -- helping us with this matter and you -- for --

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{"id":18307966,"title":"Family Struggles With Medical Bills After Son's Accident","duration":"2:31","description":"Insurance provider's error left California mom paying out-of-pocket for her son's emergency surgery.","url":"/Health/video/family-struggles-medical-bills-sons-accident-18307966","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}