Fertility After Cancer

A 26-year-old breast cancer survivor deals with fertility loss due to treatment.
5:06 | 11/08/11

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Transcript for Fertility After Cancer
Minutes on that was trying. -- I think it's the best thing. It doesn't Fannie -- -- Mean it wouldn't surprise but in the African surprise. When -- have them for the press time news. And very again. With -- -- -- excited to see him because and -- leading nine months from him finally going home. Sydney -- -- there is one of them back -- kids that it came from god and life thanks. -- -- -- -- -- -- It was such attack -- is home watching TV with my hands and that's amazing and the cats and human test and I felt -- and finally started to panic because. I knew it was something -- years. Filming next thing that I found around a common team and found -- and final -- found that took about. Ten minutes and it means something on the night. That's suspicious and they needed a biopsy impossible. And then she -- by -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Amazon -- -- -- any -- the same area was probably going to affair he had with weakening -- radiation. And -- explained to me that if I want -- and killed in the future. -- -- taking fertility treatment because -- chemotherapy look at -- integrity menopause. Atop the -- -- there now I have to think about the possibility of -- happening when kids. Ohio with you know -- and thinking -- Ones that I'm not that I need you think so little treat me. I call my insurance and I found that had been sitting cover and I called. The strong foundation. And they gave me in this. The community clinics in my area. And for some reason this picked experiences and so once I remind me man with a -- to -- -- and making. -- -- through the live strong foundation. When she got here. She had no idea that we were just launching ourselves fertility rescue. Fertility rescue is something that he -- physicians to share institute. Got together. -- be six months ago. And decide -- was going to be our way of dealing with -- infertility issues facing cancer patients' -- of the other ancillary things teaching me how to. Spend. Money for including you know medication etc. To care for. -- ten pounds from the phone call from home button thing. Analysis from make me and I have a OK it's -- -- -- didn't. About 7000. But here are 21 to. One of -- treatments. You may be able to have -- -- know your fertility four. 51015 years potentially -- -- quite lucky. Women who -- in their mid to late thirties or rolled -- very often find that if the treatment and then Paulson. But I think C -- say would be about 50% of them. Lose their fertility within a few months after the undergo chemo radiation combinations. Basically it's a cycle -- -- And the cycle of IVF for the most of course in the range -- about 1010151000. Dollars. So can be very cost prohibitive for people. The process basically entails taking medication to stimulate your ovaries to make more than their customary 19 per month. We take these medications -- only depending upon how young you -- Anywhere from five to ten to twenty -- sometimes. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- grow and develop but they get to be the right size into the end of treatment and then we get those actually increase in the immediately. Or if the woman as a partner. We will take the eggs are fertilized human embryos. -- members as well. -- it did quite well. I look forward to the future when she can come back to -- take advantage of -- -- stored for -- future and the. He gave me the whole fact. I think from now. Giving them opportunity. In -- -- again in the future. With something -- from community. Thankful. For them -- something.

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{"id":14909123,"title":"Fertility After Cancer","duration":"5:06","description":"A 26-year-old breast cancer survivor deals with fertility loss due to treatment.","url":"/Health/video/fertility-cancer-14909123","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}