Fight Off Your Cold

Dr. Yael Halaas with tips on relieving cold and flu symptoms.
4:30 | 01/25/12

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Transcript for Fight Off Your Cold
Cold and flu season is well and truly here -- -- if you're suffering through a runny nose sore throat or a cop. We've got some tips for you. Joining us with some advice on what really works to minimize your symptoms it's ear nose and -- doctor doctor -- -- L -- -- doctor Hala thank you so much for joining us today thank you grant me so it comes to cold a cold that real winter cold there's no quick fixes there. -- -- Six but there's a lot of things you jump on early you can really minimize your symptoms that's good to hear -- Nobody wants to separate the Atlantis -- let's jump into the first thing you brought with you some think does that really -- It can really -- -- -- African like -- because it has include kidney and what they found is that if you jump on this and really use it -- the first 24 hours of symptoms. You can minimize the generation of your called annually from that and makes a big difference and you are working with a company act. -- an and -- two them as well. And then you say that he can help as well asking. Honey that you put in your -- or any way that you can invest it. You know is actually great -- it tastes delicious and actually has some anti bacterial properties to it. So and whether you're taking it in in a lot of the comment concerts will have a little bit of honeymoon it appears slipping into your T you not only did the shooting benefits of -- the sweetness patrols against an anti bacterial properties -- -- -- -- love and act now that the big a big favorite of mine. Now vitamin C does work if we overload with some vitamin C you know the data is really still out on that what I can definitely say is that if you take vitamin C and -- marathon runner or -- -- extremes of cold there does seem to be -- benefit. In general it's important part of nutrition. Doesn't pack as much punches and and status studies that -- it -- think does now but if it is an important part of our -- a lot of people swear -- but -- things they feel called -- on the overload on their vitamin C that's generally don't have a good medical Hannah doesn't actually support that -- I'm all for getting your vitamins and and that's really important but unless you're actually in the extremes of -- cold weather. Or you're really an endurance athletes. The data doesn't plan for the main embassy actually count and I -- at -- -- have -- better yet get. Out our. This is an old. You know not his favorite you're feeling down -- and -- -- absolutely absolutely and actually now there's some medical data that actually supports that the truth -- -- chicken -- we'll help you get better. On -- in his a couple of different ways actually. There there seems to be some value in a chicken in itself that there -- some immune boosting properties and is also helping your white blood cells. So besides the fact that it's good hydration is good nutrition and you're getting those those vegetables in the -- and actually seems to be having a benefit nonunion system as well is that nutrition -- -- that's in the is it in the -- or is it in the broth. It's actually -- -- they actually did a study in the found -- -- with it and and interestingly they found that the homemade varieties were actually a little bit above the commercially prepared -- -- happening in that you can get as it is gonna make an effort that's -- and humidity and that is something that my mother. A fire that yes tremendously and I can't emphasize -- enough particularly as we're more indoors now we can't read -- doing some really a lot of dry heat and then also a lot of people aren't keeping hydrated enough so that humidity in the -- relief helps -- -- skin helps our hair. But also helps to voice in our nasal passages and throats. And with that hydration really helps the mucus to get out better and for us to feel much better so I can't -- -- enough. But it will -- you have to clean human past that's always -- down how -- you can -- You know really at least once or twice that we should be cleaning it well and and you wanna be can always add a little bit of anti fungal and in antibacterial solution to it as well. But you can collect a lot of moisture and -- went -- now finally is there anything we can do. To prevent getting the called an effort yes actually that's and that's absolutely the number one. You know if you're -- hand -- can't be beat. If -- access to -- -- if you don't those anti bacterial little alcohol based hand advertisers. There are great when you're on the go and we don't do this enough clean common surfaces that -- up your computer -- that keyboard the telephone all of these things are going to be transferring germs. So washing hands very good points all of them thank you so much -- I'll have my share thank you.

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{"id":15442288,"title":"Fight Off Your Cold","duration":"4:30","description":"Dr. Yael Halaas with tips on relieving cold and flu symptoms.","url":"/Health/video/fight-off-cold-15442288","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}