Fighting the Flu

Dr. Alanna Levine discusses how to treat and prevent the flu.
2:32 | 02/15/12

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Transcript for Fighting the Flu
Flu season is finally making some waves with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention now reporting a rise in the virus. Suggesting the influenza is off to a late start. Joining us with more on this and sharing some -- on how to treat and prevent the flu. This pediatrician and baby center contributor doctor Alanna Levine after being welcome great to see you expect to be there so the CDC is saying that now the flu is taking off when is it normally it began -- We see it peeking actually in January and February you can really see it in the late fall as well. Here -- New York we have only seen that much at least in my office by. According to the CDC they are seeing widespread activity in California sent Wednesday -- reading this late starts this year. Not every year it different it depends on weather patterns it depends on where people are traveling. And a host of different factors the most important thing continues to be prepared that's right they tell -- how can we -- -- gotten living in this the number one way is to get your flu vaccine in and I really feel that any child -- six months and older should get their flu vaccine as early as possible every flu season. Just because you last year it doesn't mean you need to get this here just because you've never had the flu in the past doesn't mean that -- immune to it for ever. Every year at the start of the season. Let's say you're not quite on top of -- and -- in the middle of flu season is it's still helpful to -- absolutely I'm still giving the vaccine in my office in fact. You eat cake given under six months of I have a patient comes in now who just turned six months -- gonna give that tout their first clinics and for the children can they take the nasal. Anastos has affected so took in six months out and get the vaccine which is the injection that's. -- activated vaccine. There is a flu -- which is available to healthy children over the age of two. And if that's something -- top Anderson you know my children they -- -- -- everything about here I didn't move I -- to talk at all plus it's -- there some kids who say. The -- hit his -- a quick. I'll take the shot went to me when you. And I did not mind it really isn't known. Then you get the flu what are the symptoms you really need to look out for. Before you know that it's that serious. So -- -- -- that the -- you'll get that running nose sort of feeling run down high fever sometimes you can have some vomiting and diarrhea. And my sentence you don't really need to be that concerned about. If -- the underlying medical problem like asthma heart disease if you've been immune deficiency. I wouldn't way I would go see your doctor right at the start of symptoms but the most important thing you can do is make yourself comfortable -- to rest. Drink lots of fluids because you want to stay hydrated and and really just give your body time to get -- and -- and fluids mostly water -- Seems those things -- -- so if you're eating water is fine but if the only thing you're doing is drinking you -- drink something that's gonna have electric lights in some sugar also. To give it to give you some energy right so for young children -- -- Diluted apple juice -- something easily takes -- Gatorade PD -- -- is re hydrating solutions as can be helpful and the duration of the typical flu thing we're seeing now so most of the time. He feel lousy for 35 days. Usually does not last beyond -- week if you're not feeling well beyond the week are you feel like you're continuing to get works not getting better. You want to check in with your doctor and make sure that there isn't something else going on the right time for a lot of being thank you so lives.

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{"id":15645813,"title":"Fighting the Flu","duration":"2:32","description":"Dr. Alanna Levine discusses how to treat and prevent the flu.","url":"/Health/video/fighting-flu-15645813","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}