Fighting the Winter Blues

Dr. Jana Klauer discusses seasonal affective disorder.
3:45 | 01/13/12

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Transcript for Fighting the Winter Blues
Between a cold weather and a shorter days it's easy to feel a bit tired and run down over winter. But what -- something more if -- someone who seems to get into a funk around the same time every here. May -- you have what's called seasonal affective disorder here to explain and share some tips. This position and nutrition specialist doctor Jana Klauer doctor Klauer thank you so much for joining us thank you. -- what is seasonal affective disorder is it a real disease. Well it's a disorder it's -- mood disorder. Caused by the reduction. In powers of -- And that triggers. An increase and room transmitter called melatonin. In the brain and that's asleep chemical. So we feel tired and lethargic and we sleep more -- So it it is if it is caused a little bit by the lack of sunlight exactly and it's -- spectrum disorders that can be very mild. What we call winter blues to. Quite severe right I think everyone gets some form of the winter blues right we all seemed not quite as -- all the time I think so. But you know that something's wrong if you are sleeping much more then you normally do. And if you really having trouble getting yourself out of bed right -- is that the major symptom. Get enough to be able to get out of more hours of sleep yes that is -- certainly. A symptom and other some other -- from other other symptoms would be. Weight gain. Lack of energy. -- -- And -- just a feeling of not being yourself rights and what are some tips what can we do. By the way this would be. Triggered by the reduced -- -- this that the symptoms would Begin gradually. In the fall. Rights and -- if you feel this coming on if you think perhaps you may be suffering from this what are some tips you happen -- well. You want to expose yourself to lighten light. Therapy can really make a big difference. There -- Certain things you need to know you want to expose yourself to about 101000. Locks 101000 lot -- measure. Light. How many how many photons your body is getting you need to buy one of those special -- -- lamps to do that yes exactly and you should spend half an hour. In front of that box in the morning morning's key another thing that you can do is yet polite a line. Which were actually. Increases the light in your bedroom so that you wake up one normally used to -- to natural sunlight. Exercise. Is very important and exercise in the morning. It's absolutely a lot of this seems to point to the morning how you start out -- mourning mourning his key patents and the other thing as vitamin. In the winter time. That mimics a lot and symptoms of seasonal affective disorder so make sure your Europe on your vitamin. Yeah well I'd suggest actually vitamin. 1000. International units per day. Right wonderful. -- Democrat or thank you so much for and it today thank you time.

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{"duration":"3:45","description":"Dr. Jana Klauer discusses seasonal affective disorder.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"15356371","title":"Fighting the Winter Blues","url":"/Health/video/fighting-winter-blues-15356371"}