Getting Fit Through Ballet

ABC News' Chris Cuomo gets a lesson in extreme fitness from a ballet instructor.
3:00 | 09/17/12

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Transcript for Getting Fit Through Ballet
Hello men's health people on Chris Cuomo from ABC news 20/20 but I do a series called extreme fitness we're here today the Alvin -- theater in New York City and I'm with the man. Glenn Sims has begun to talk about extreme fitness. Dancing is clear that look at the body he could be a professional athlete of -- -- but he's in the lead dancer. We are here to learn from him today about how we can be more flexible and stronger how can I get more like you -- are off doing a table now. Welcome to find out stability in horror and -- lives. Enough -- -- anyway if anything is believed in the -- Think at -- take out there and that position bringing arms forward -- just -- put forward. And open up your arms to the side. Thank you for just in case. And in -- -- lake and always have our table repeated this is little muscles support the -- exactly what's fiery right now like -- here. Who muscles exactly all right can we now pleased to something else yes we -- there. -- laid out flat on war. On the -- by your side. And we're just gonna -- Rightly. What about two inches so we feel like you're -- -- gates yes when reached that he'll the we did anything different levels well. Here you know depending on events and how flexible -- -- she's benevolent and -- hear over and talking. And -- bring that along communal that would -- forget this. -- got -- -- the other leg that the balance. -- Jessica. Content now -- that -- which. And his. The basic part of doing -- of -- you want to like engage in the lower abdominal that the -- Both sides nobody -- and come up until then we had them. Millions come. This way and I'm a -- average player basically balanced and -- -- -- you're engaging lower abdominal. Everything -- forward that that. If we can and balanced out who gave them away and let's bring about what the -- them on their Cochran. That hurts the that the that the worth a defendant doing. And do dominating but using the -- -- and ordered indefinite -- so an apparent plot. The arms -- pride in this is that the balance of body they and a -- down one. To. 34 into the city into -- chair you come up 5678. And two couples bring them for you actually pushing off the floor we have a couple of them. 1234. So quick jump. It really -- power. So -- little taste of extreme fitness Alvin -- style best answers in the world. Long and strong -- -- -- or get more information about me. Our thanks to -- Long and strong in person -- it. Sorry about this wedding just takes people. -- and.

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{"id":17254763,"title":"Getting Fit Through Ballet","duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News' Chris Cuomo gets a lesson in extreme fitness from a ballet instructor.","url":"/Health/video/fit-ballet-17254763","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}