Full Face Transplant a Success

Surgeons at the University of Maryland succeed in the fullest face transplant ever.
3:00 | 10/18/12

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Full Face Transplant a Success
In the most extensive full face transplant to date. The plastic and reconstructive surgery team -- the given new face to a 37 year old man who had lost much of his face after a gunshot wound more than a decade ago. Along with facial tissue the surgical team transplanted the talking teeth and both upper and lower jaws. The day and -- -- surgery took place at the the team's experience in both trauma and dental and facial reconstruction. Were key components in the procedure. And the first time in the world that such combined expertise. Has been used in the full face transplant. But -- composite Mack who facial transplant. Those gains have -- tissues and muscles. And nerves that -- removes. Those muscle. Which give -- facial expression than there is -- provides sensation in your face and also -- bony structures or go along with their -- Along with faculty physicians from the University of Maryland school of medicine. The transplant team included more than 150 nurses and other professional staff at the University of Maryland medical center. The family of an anonymous organ donor generously agreed to the only the face along with several other organs. For somebody to give up their organs and in this case. Give up their face of a loved one. Is an incredible -- The facial transplant surgery as a result of ten years of research including support from the office of naval research and the Department of Defense. Which of ongoing research and training partnerships with the university of -- and bill Siler reporting for the university of Merrill.

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{"id":17508290,"title":"Full Face Transplant a Success","duration":"3:00","description":"Surgeons at the University of Maryland succeed in the fullest face transplant ever.","url":"/Health/video/full-face-transplant-success-17508290","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}