Full-Figure Yoga

Stephanie Sy heads to Harlem to check out a class everyone can participate in.
4:34 | 10/18/11

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Transcript for Full-Figure Yoga
You know -- has become a really popular form of exercise and relaxation but how often do you see it class size -- model. The fact is that full figured woman -- didn't go -- and you reap all the benefits over here at Harlem yoga studio in New York City. With -- -- new teachers and classes specifically. Geared towards full figured women. I'm Susan thanks so much for joining us how you get into you -- that. Well I was originally brought to you could just as a form of exercise and then. As I snowball snowball and I got more and more insisted that came -- -- that meditative aspects of you know and the stress reduction. And just the -- that you get when you doing the poses. -- full figured people in general are a little bit scared off by something like Canada. I think that creates -- I think a lot of times people with bigger bodies are. -- intimidated to do -- -- because they see mostly thin people doing yoga. And they see that people are really flexible and maybe they don't have that flexibility that some of the other people do -- hand. But I think it's really possible that modify the poses -- additional votes in some places then -- the poses with straps and blocks to make it more. Friendly towards people with. -- -- its pilots checking to see some of these modifications that do it straight hair and let's get started with class have come to to -- from Alex's mountain goes. Exhaling hands -- friend the chance to some on -- -- Inhaling raising -- and I expect slightly from just beneath the shoulder blades. And then -- -- in Fort -- hits coming forward and coming down. Being just the second titles and then inhaling six nods such years of coming back -- to stay. Marching back. And then hands for instance -- the -- Hey we're gonna do what often -- tensions with some modification. That traditional -- citations. On the floor. Most additionally but going to the wrong so what we'll do with plates -- Com is on the wrong and against the -- -- back away from the -- Coming down so there torso is parallel to the floor this is wild dogs and variation down one. For a -- -- people. And then. And we'll bring -- right -- against the ball. That's our hands not hands along. Brady to the -- and raise her left leg until his long line. Don't cut back into -- dog. And then coming up. Alliance against the wall and the left -- -- the wrong. Variation of lens which is -- on for the -- additionally. I'm impressed that and to -- holds. And in place of the daily news on -- Eyes and arms. It's it's here -- Of their for justice programs. In the coming back to stay and yeah. Finishing with my mistake. Hands together from their chests and actually doing king dancer with the modification firms plus sponsored by the people who couldn't take the -- And folded in -- Making -- -- has the strap just taking hold about half way. -- demonstrate well -- -- first. He got a place to step aside June and then you gonna lead the strap. -- -- -- -- comeback in the middle underfoot as I have it here and then you're -- Vince back with a leg. -- -- -- -- I look forward. And and then -- lower back down. -- -- -- Normally an additional classes be able to take beholden to Clinton remember some of us that's a little bit difficult that's what -- -- -- So let's start with the right plan. Facing relief. Around the middle of the -- And then -- Anthony. Find your steady point. And then leaned forward. Stretching I'm out of trying to -- -- -- Good job. Thanks a million personal -- conventional life. Okay. Jason Townsend -- youngest do you pay so much for -- as great modifications on traditional yoga -- and you want to do. That was my pleasure thanks for coming.

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{"duration":"4:34","description":"Stephanie Sy heads to Harlem to check out a class everyone can participate in.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"14764014","title":"Full-Figure Yoga","url":"/Health/video/full-figure-yoga-14764014"}