Gaza Twins Walk for First Time With Prosthetics

The 2-year-old girls born without functioning legs received care at a California hospital.
2:00 | 03/07/13

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Transcript for Gaza Twins Walk for First Time With Prosthetics
For a two year old born without functioning legs the nation's -- is doing pretty well. Her prosthetic -- they're called -- is time because they're so sure it's. And the bottom has -- almost like issue. Between -- -- was born with only one leg -- home -- are taking her very first steps. The sisters are survivors they were born in Gaza were getting specialized care for their needs is a huge challenge. Without surgery and prosthetic limbs -- mustn't -- -- would be confined to wheelchair is. -- you mentioned those two little beautiful little girls growing up without being able to walk. With the help of the Palestine children's relief fund the twins their mom and -- made the long journey here -- -- -- hospitals for children Los Angeles. Let's see -- Manhattan -- -- yes it's true was this it closed but thank god got some home helps us -- lives here. The type of congenital deficiency that Lebanese and we must have it's very rare about one in -- million and the fact that both sisters have this is even more rare. Both twins were boring without -- the major bone in their lower leg called -- Batavia. Doctor Phoebe Scott -- director of -- -- child amputee prosthetics project says the girls will need new prosthetic limbs as they grow in the goal is to get the -- higher off the ground. And -- -- suited device with a artificial when he joined the plan is for the -- travel to Los Angeles once a year for care. Their mom is grateful her daughters will get a chance to have a better life. That -- -- about -- London they wouldn't be able to go to school. There will be able to play with other children and -- that they -- have relatively normal life. In Los Angeles -- to -- ABC seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":18676285,"title":"Gaza Twins Walk for First Time With Prosthetics","duration":"2:00","description":"The 2-year-old girls born without functioning legs received care at a California hospital.","url":"/Health/video/gaza-twins-walk-for-first-time-with-prosthetics-18676285","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}