Can Gender and Age Mask a Heart Attack?

Dr. David Frid says that one's gender and age can delay heart attack treatment.
1:16 | 02/21/12

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Transcript for Can Gender and Age Mask a Heart Attack?
The differences in presentation. With my -- -- parked in a heart attack between men and women has been around for quite a long time. Women are less likely present with the typical symptoms of chest discomfort that radiates into the left arm. A lot of this is gender specific. And it's also -- and that women of younger ages are really more likely to present with some of these atypical symptoms of back pain or shoulder pain. Compared to even older women. One of the problems with this a typical presentation and is that they're often not taken seriously. Which leads to a delay in -- getting. Treatment because it's not thought to be a heart attack and -- that becomes problematic. Women who have. A high risk for having a heart problem such as a lot of -- common risk factors are strong family history who develop. Upper back pain shoulder pain in some of these atypical pains that. Just all the sudden come on in our very severe should be seeking medical. A valuation and in remorse often than not they shouldn't just. Blow it off and say it's nothing really important.

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{"id":15760928,"title":"Can Gender and Age Mask a Heart Attack?","duration":"1:16","description":"Dr. David Frid says that one's gender and age can delay heart attack treatment.","url":"/Health/video/gender-age-mask-heart-attack-15760928","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}