Can General Anesthetic for Toddlers Lead to ADHD?

Dr. Roderic Eckenhoff discusses Links between general anesthetic and ADHD.
1:51 | 02/01/12

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Transcript for Can General Anesthetic for Toddlers Lead to ADHD?
This is the latest chapter in an unfolding story. That's been going on for almost a decade now. About how surgery in the very young and of course anesthesia. Might affect the brain development and arise much much later. Learning disabilities and now perhaps it is. It's a little premature to call this to attribute this to the anesthetic Thursday. This is -- one must remember that. Children who require surgeries. -- two surgeries prior to the -- of two. Are not medically normal. And may in fact have other undetected. Ongoing problems which could give rise to these problems this is the one problem that needs to be ruled out. And subsequent studies and much work is in fact. Left to be done I think parents should take this very seriously. They're. Again -- all where we don't know the mechanism whether it's the drug -- the procedure to the parents that doesn't matter because we have to do both. And so I think for emergency procedures life threatening procedures. Procedures that are. That reduce the risk -- subsequent problems medical problems and these children. It is necessary to go ahead it's a balance of risk vs the benefit. However I think parents in in the process of informed consent. Need to understand. That these risks are associated with multiple procedures prior to the age of two and -- -- -- can be put off -- later -- and life and we don't know exactly how much later. But -- chicken or be put off -- later. And might be and might be a good idea.

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{"id":15492912,"title":"Can General Anesthetic for Toddlers Lead to ADHD?","duration":"1:51","description":"Dr. Roderic Eckenhoff discusses Links between general anesthetic and ADHD.","url":"/Health/video/general-anesthetic-toddlers-lead-adhd-15492912","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}