How Should Genomic Information Be Shared?

Dr. Korf discusses the benefits of knowing what your genome says about you.
1:26 | 01/30/12

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Transcript for How Should Genomic Information Be Shared?
We now have the ability to establish diagnoses of genetic conditions not by testing one gene at a time -- -- used to be done. But by doing a complete sequence. Even the entire genome -- just that part of the genome. That is involved in encoding proteins and when you do that you have the ability to be simultaneously. Testing for any potential cause of a person's problems. I think the big questions are. Not so much whether it's your right to have this -- not to have it but what is the best context in which provided. And should we be offering appropriate genetic counseling -- careful thought as to which kinds of genetic changes are. Ones that really should be communicated and how should they be communicated. I think the community would say that. If you find something that has huge medical implications and where there is -- treatment that you could offered. If you had identified that particular genetic problem and if the person is at an -- -- the part of the time in their life when they could benefit from it. That it actually may be unethical not to share that a good example would be an adult found to have a mutation. That would cause breast or ovarian cancer with very high risk. We're we know that there are things you can offer somebody to reduce that risk so. I think it could be argued that it's not ethically defensible. To withhold that kind of information.

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{"id":15475781,"title":"How Should Genomic Information Be Shared?","duration":"1:26","description":"Dr. Korf discusses the benefits of knowing what your genome says about you.","url":"/Health/video/genomic-information-shared-15475781","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}