7 'Germiest' Public Places

Prevention magazine discusses what to avoid to stay germ-free.
6:00 | 11/09/11

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Transcript for 7 'Germiest' Public Places
With cold and flu season almost upon us were all looking for a way to avoid coming in contact -- germs. But as everyone else taking the same precautions unfortunately the answer is not always a resounding yes. So when we -- out in public we might be putting ourselves at risk every time we touch something. Prevention Magazine has come up with a list of the seven -- earliest public places and joining us to tell us more as health and fitness editor. An arrogant and thank you so much for joining us today thank you crack cocaine you get into your list of the Jeremy F public places -- -- -- pretty scary let that might say. The adult comes into contact with about thirty services -- so are we supposed to walk -- Hazmat -- on. Unfortunately no I mean options down to being diligent about hand watching habits and being careful where you can be and that's why we came up with this list -- -- it looks at the first thing on -- list. I guess it's not that surprising restaurant menus it's not like they get. Clean exactly I mean -- last and he site server wiping them down probably never unfortunately. And the research shows that cold and flu virus is meant for up to eighteen hours -- park service says. So especially that's a popular restaurant there could be hundreds of people passing their terms on TO. So the best thing to do is summation of that and then he doesn't touch your plate if possible -- -- councils and acting ordering him get up wash your hands before eating your breadbasket expand yourself -- -- 88 that it has -- -- exactly. Yeah. All the little surprising to me if they should avoid putting those little lemon wedges and -- water -- diet Powell a back saying well it's really -- especially for water drinker like me but researchers found that 70%. Of -- -- -- perched on the -- restaurant cops. Actually in -- Disease causing -- oh yeah and backed out of the 21 restaurants that they want -- They found over 25 different types including patent fecal matter like -- Coli. Exactly I -- -- simply because you know they're not getting lots and just getting chopped up in Canada well there's so many people -- -- the lemons are probably touched more than a few times they're hot and then your servers running around doing a hundred different jobs and putting a landing in your drink. The best thing you do here is -- simply not order your drink with the landing. And I together -- about getting aluminum -- squeezing it in yourself you would act and even I think Melanie could still definitely be -- something I think the best that is if you want to pick up something pastors are asked flashing your favorite -- -- primary to something like that -- bite of -- I like my parents and eleven. And living on now this doesn't surprise me I had known about this on for awhile as ketchup bottles of gravity defense again this is one area that. Restaurants are usually not bleaching down and unfortunately even if your diligent about your hand watching habits the guy he uses -- ketchup -- you. Might not -- -- only his germs are on your French Fries. You know also the best thing you do here is -- -- disinfecting light to quickly went down outside it's great to charities in your prayers and I'm looking at Winchester -- that you totally well it's true but he's not getting things right -- You know and if you if you can't do that again get up quickly wash your hands -- didn't hear -- it's going to be a little bit of -- delay but if you don't get -- it'll be totally worth asking your server to bring -- little bit but on the side in the -- -- that's you know that's also been they -- avoid you know I think a -- and that -- -- -- -- front door handle. Both coming and leaving the right exactly well you know as such you know and the bathrooms the door handles it's just such a high traffic area at the place that. Whether. Someone's washing their hands or not they're going to touch -- on the way out so. The best thing for you it's not budgeted off you know use a Paper town opened the door again you may look like -- -- but you'll never see these people again if you're the person doesn't get sick. It's definitely -- I was when I'm Africa watch me and I use that thing. You know -- -- -- -- exactly so that's all right uniting easing pressure on but your avoiding contact air is really important area and again you also have story. About the soap dispensers and about one this I I was really surprising but research shows that 25%. Of the soap dispensers in public -- Are actually contaminated again with fecal bacteria like E. Coli which can really make Tuesday. So it's it's ironic. That I had before you -- your hands your washing -- what ever contacting us right well hopefully that's the case -- a lot of times people -- washing their hands as Asia so after he's a soap dispenser make sure that your your washing with hot soapy water. For at least 1520 seconds about the time -- time happy birthday twice OK happy birthday -- -- that -- Now grocery carts. Yes that yeah I know what -- and it says that's because people that their kids and a little front art. That's why again. Well and then -- again I if it's not try to scare everyone but cute they're encouraging cart handles are contaminated again -- -- at -- people. Do you want to avoid getting a stomach flu. You can definitely take advantage of the disinfecting -- that a lot of grocery stores has started to provide which is really great and makes me grab that might -- your cart before you grab hold. That's the real and scary very Smart yes now what about airplane and are -- worse than we -- on there about regular bat and -- words. They seem to be -- we had every sector tested them and found that the services everything from the -- to the door knobs to the walls were covered with fecal matter like ankle I and other germs makes me -- not surprising that -- 100 times more likely get sick when your flying. So you know investing news -- -- boost your immune system. Before -- -- -- the study found that people who took. 450 milligrams of a Green -- supplement. Twice daily for three months had 13 fewer sick days yes so you know we can definitely make a difference the plane itself -- just a bigger than me. I think yes and lack of -- their hands in -- -- your lights and wash your hands but that's one other thing just to get your immune system and run out and buy it happened. If I had happened to Thelma thank you.

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{"id":14917549,"title":"7 'Germiest' Public Places","duration":"6:00","description":"Prevention magazine discusses what to avoid to stay germ-free.","url":"/Health/video/germiest-public-places-14917549","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}