Girl Learns Heimlich, Saves Choking Dad

Victoria Scalli, 12, credits school program with helping her save her father's life.
3:00 | 05/10/13

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Transcript for Girl Learns Heimlich, Saves Choking Dad
Marks Galley may -- giving his daughter life Victoria -- his very proud about it. We -- to look at victorious sprang into action when her father began choking on a piece of bread in their kitchen. I really didn't think I was gonna make it and that's -- Benfica. The twelve year old had just learned the Heimlich maneuver in a lifesaving skills class at Merrick avenue middle school. Thank you read that -- guest -- brand them as saying it's. It's good there's a big drugs I rented -- that they -- -- Bob Good Friday exit a highway -- -- sister they cry me a link. -- -- Victoria got bright behind her father who was bent over the sink. She just came right in Cincinnati com about the hostess of the whole thing that's just that was in the attic. Screaming -- -- -- regime blocked all that out and she just went to work on him and we weren't. And for her heroism Victoria received a -- liberty medal today. It's one of the highest civilian honors in the state that Carlton at all that he can't -- the an -- to learn from hanging in. And I can't get our attitude has very few school districts in New York State have classes that allows students to learn about life saving skills. People say this is a perfect example of why they all should that we need to have this is a state law. Throughout New York State -- -- school districts do this in the meantime Victoria has some advice for her fellow classmates. They feel like pay attention again -- that's really hard to learn. Because you just never know. In Merrick Long Island -- -- channel seven Eyewitness News.

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{"id":19150516,"title":"Girl Learns Heimlich, Saves Choking Dad","duration":"3:00","description":"Victoria Scalli, 12, credits school program with helping her save her father's life.","url":"/Health/video/girl-learns-heimlich-saves-choking-dad-19150516","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}