Girl Saved by Anonymous Donor Meets Her 'One in the World' Match

Girl with rare disease finds only person in the entire world able to be a perfect match.
2:29 | 08/22/14

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Transcript for Girl Saved by Anonymous Donor Meets Her 'One in the World' Match
It's a scene straight from Hollywood a story with such a perfect ending it could only happen in a movie. Unless you're the Erdman -- why it's so emotional and you can't I can't even describe it I wish I could come up with words. Say you you just can't from the smiles to the changing eye colors to little tricks no one else can do. My wife told me that she's talking a lot like me when -- -- You think Christian worth and -- -- were family and in -- way they now are my part was. Yet the smallest one but it's -- to see that -- is all so happy and had to you have -- all of that. Three years ago doctors diagnosed -- with a rare autoimmune disease a bone marrow transplant was her only hope. And doctors added her to the national registry and about the same time in -- tiny village in northern Germany. And six co worker prompted Christian to become a donor. Three months later he got the call. To tickle me that I'm the -- but was -- shark you know may never expected that. That that come true. 300 miles in three train rides later German doctors harvested his stem cells and sent them off to -- as doctors in Cincinnati. After one transplant several complications and just a 5% chance of survival she somehow pulled through. Her beads of courage documented every step. A -- which is a cynical might I -- my -- who was -- work. -- Dakota that will -- ago. The registry requires anonymity for two years so the families could exchange only letters when receive -- -- there was something like all there was something on. You know -- -- -- -- recruited musical for that flag behind to fight them information. Finally this week with -- and nearly 100%. Healthy a chance to meet in person it was. Almost surreal because you've been chatting with him on sky it's you know -- since December. I'm -- to see him in person I thought I would never let him -- cried and behind in it was just really emotional I think. What's the first time -- -- network. Because it thought she's still she would and sold it it. You know and she was socializing of the art that was so cute -- spending this week bonding discovering there's no such thing as strangers come here and -- two -- in -- two families forever united by one man's choice to simply add his name to a list. He's not one -- in -- dying like one in fifteen million or more. -- -- Sarah Thompson action -- news Howard.

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{"duration":"2:29","description":"Girl with rare disease finds only person in the entire world able to be a perfect match.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"25080185","title":"Girl Saved by Anonymous Donor Meets Her 'One in the World' Match","url":"/Health/video/girl-saved-anonymous-donor-meets-world-match-25080185"}